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Catherine Zeta-Jones Shares Swimsuit Photo Saying "Ciao"

Here’s how she makes 53 look so good.

Catherine Zeta-Jones is sharing some highlights of her summer so far, including photos of her sun-soaked travels with the family. Zeta-Jones, 53, posted pictures of herself posing in a green one-piece swimsuit, straw hat, and sunglasses, showing off a golden tan. "Ciao☀️," she captioned the post. "Bellissima," a fan commented. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Zeta-Jones stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She's An Early Bird


Zeta-Jones loves the peace and quiet of an early morning. "I'm an early riser. I take solace in that time of just having my space," she says. "I get up, I put my coffee on to brew, and I take my little puppy out for a pee: hail, rain, snow, wind, shine, whatever—I get up at about 5:15 every morning. And then I just sit for a minute, try not to pick up a device, usually have my little doggy on my lap. I always like to do the crossword on Monday because I know I can do it."


She Never Skips Breakfast


Zeta-Jones will never get on the no-breakfast trend. "I always eat breakfast; I'm not one of those people who can skip it," she says. "I have a go-to breakfast that happens every day. Right now, I've just switched. In the winter months, I have porridge with banana, brown sugar and berries. Come daylight savings, when we spring forward, I switch to my nonfat Greek yogurt with my berries and my granola. I was brought up on hot porridge in the winter when I was growing up in Wales. And as soon as the clocks go back in September, I start porridge, and as soon as the clocks go forward, I start granola."


So Many Different Workouts

Zeta-Jones says her favorite workouts are swimming, tennis, peloton, her home gym and tap dancing. "I have a ballet barre in my gym," she says. "I turn the music up so loud that the walls are pulsating, and I go for it for an hour. I also hula-hoop, walk on the treadmill, do the elliptical [machine]. I try to keep the whole body working."


Vitamins and Supplements


Zeta-Jones takes a variety of supplements to support her health. "I have a plethora of vitamins in my cabinet in my bathroom," she says. "I do take vitamin D and vitamin B whenever I can. But I eat very healthily. Of course, I have my french-fries fixes and my chocolate, which are something I just love, and I just have to have them. But I try and get as many nutrients in as possible. But when I get really old, I'm going to start taking a lot of vitamins because I only want to be able to eat dessert for the rest of my life. I only actually eat real food because I have to right now. My dream is to only eat desserts, ever. It's a goal."


Her Wellness Mantra

Zeta-Jones' beauty and wellness hacks are simple yet very effective. "Water, maintaining my PH balance, no alcohol and through diet keeping my body free of any inflammation inside and out," she says, adding that her favorite drinks aside from coffee are cold press juice and Kombucha. "Since I was a child she told me 'Always look your best because you never know when you could meet the President of the United States!' She must have been talking about Kennedy."

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