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Chelsea Handler Shares Swimsuit Photos With Her "Crew"

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Chelsea Handler can do it all. She's a talk show host. She's a comedian. She's a podcast host. And she's a best-selling author. Handler recently enjoyed a vacation in Mallorca with friends, and shared highlights on Instagram. In them, she enjoyed a day on the water and at restaurants. Handler captioned the post, "A week of debauchery with this crew and combining my Brentwood crew with my whistler crew so there was a LOT of white girl dancing among other activities that shall remain unmentioned. So grateful to get to share mallorca with so many friends and with so much adventure and laughter and so much ducking exercise. And so much sangria." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Chelsea Handler stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Takes Care Of Her Skin


Handler opened up about her skincare to Byrdie. She says that she hasn't always been great with it, but her collaboration with Dewtopia has helped her. "Since I started using the Dewtopia—you have to do it at night so it kind of sets—so since I've been using it, I've been following a pretty strict regimen from OLEHENRIKSEN—all their products, scrubbing, and exfoliating, and all of those things. At night, now what I've been doing is I clean my face with a little thin towel and some cleanser from Ole. And then I put the Dewtopia on and I put a little bit of the serum on because it just smells so delicious. The acid [from the Dewtopia] can kind of have this drying effect on your face, so it gives you a little extra moisture while it's happening. I mean, you do want it to dry, because that's the objective. It kind of sinks into your skin and kind of gets in there."


She Works Out Each Day


Handler tells Byrdie that she makes working out a priority each day. "The only thing I force myself to do is to work out, because every day I'm home is an opportunity for me to be like, you know, physically fit and strong because I'm traveling so much and I'm about to start on tour, and then that screws up your schedule. So I just like to jam it in any day.


She Works With A Trainer

Handler likes to workout with a trainer. She tells Byrdie that she makes sure to do regular sessions. "I'm in L.A., I train with my trainer, no matter what happened the night before. So I have made a commitment to my body and to my mental fitness and physical fitness to always meditate and to always work out."


She Does What She Loves

Handler tells Byrdie that she is doing things that she enjoys. "I'm focusing on the macro, instead of the micro—focusing on spreading joy and light… and focusing on skiing, that's very important to my well-being, because I love to ski more than anything else. And focusing on travel and doing the work that you know, work that's meaningful to me. Spreading good messages, not taking my platform for granted in any way. Everything I do is with that in mind to actually make a contribution rather than doing something that's just going to get me more money."


She Does Peloton Classes

Handler is a big fan of taking Peloton classes. "I do my Peloton abs class for 15 or 20 minutes, and then I go do my real workout with Ben Bruno," she told Bustle. "The reason I have to do my Peloton abs class is that my trainer doesn't know how to work the abs out, so I have to take it upon myself, even though I pay him probably a fortune. Please make sure you put that into the article so I can forward that to my trainer."

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