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Cheryl Burke in Pink Tank Top and Black Pants Does Yoga

Cheryl Burke is no longer on Dancing with the Stars but stays fit without being in the ballroom. Here's how. 

Cheryl Burke has no plans of returning to Dancing With the Stars as of now, but she is dishing about her time on the show in a new podcast Sex, Lies, & Spray Tans where she interviews previous contestants and pro dancers to get the dirt on flings, heated arguments and all the drama that the audience didn't see. The 39-year-old believes the podcast will honor the show that she was a part of for 26 seasons, but isn't holding back on the secrets. "I do believe we owe it to the fans, first of all, just to celebrate the fact that the show has been on for so long," she told PEOPLE. "We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the fans." Although Burke isn't competing for the mirror ball trophy right now, she does still keep up with her workouts. Here's how the dancer stays in shape. Read on.


She Does Yoga


Sporting a cute low-cut pink tank top and black pants, Burke showed off her yoga skills at a retreat hosted by her friend and former Dancing With the Stars co-host Brooke Burke. She wrote, "There are not enough words that I can write in this caption to describe my deepest gratitude and appreciation for @brookeburke, @yogandoretreats, and the amazing people who I spent the last few days with. You know who you are! I will forever cherish our time together and thank you for sharing your vulnerability, your strengths, and most of all, thank you for sharing your heart with me."


She Works Out Six Days a Week


In a 2020 interview with Hollywood Life, Burke shared her fitness routine and every day she does a different workout. Whether it's boxing, cardio, yoga or the treadmill, the former pro dancer stays active. 


On Her Day Off From Working Out She Walks


Burke takes Thursdays off from hitting the gym, according to her interview with Hollywood Life, but she is still active. She shared she likes to take walks and be in nature. 


She Focuses on Her Core


Burke has super toned abs and explained she targets them a lot in various workouts she does. "When I workout I always focus on activating my core so I'm engaging at all times no matter if I'm doing yoga or if I'm on the treadmill."


She Tracks Her Water Intake and Sleep with Fitbit

Cheryl Burke/Instagram

Getting enough quality sleep and staying hydrated doesn't just help with weight loss, but also has many health benefits. To help ensure she drinks enough water and rest, Burke uses Fitbit. She told Hollywood Life, [I'm] "loving my Fitbit because it makes me want to reach my specific goals and it pushes you to do so along the way, all the while tracking my sleep, water intake, and number of steps per day, etc. Each workout is almost 60 minutes long."

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