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Christina Milian Shares Swimsuit Photo "Where the Spritz are Strong"

Here’s how she stays fit and happy.

Christina Milian is enjoying a gorgeous getaway in Sicily, Italy. Milian, 41, shared pictures of herself looking stunning in a metallic green bikini and matching sarong, posing on the sands at a beautiful beach. "Go where the Wifi is weak and the Spritz are strong 🛜-💪🏽+🍹=🏖️," she captioned the post. The singer's incredible physique is the result of hard work and discipline—so how does she do it? "For me, if I'm not in the right shape, I'm tired," she says. "I don't have the energy to do the things I like to do, which gets a little bit depressing. Working out is great therapy too. When I workout I pray. In that moment, I am thankful because of my health and how my blood is flowing because all of that stuff is going to keep me around longer." Here are 5 ways Milian takes care of her health, inside and out.


Healthy Role Models

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Milian grew up accepting exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. "Growing up, my dad was always in the gym working out, and my mom always knew what was right when it came to health and wellness," she says. "So I became interested in fitness when I was in my early teens, and in drinking enough water, and the types of foods I was putting in my body. It's made a difference in my life."


Treadmill and Candy Crush

Milian combines running with playing games to get her through a workout. "I just love going on the treadmill," she says. "I like to run. My goal is always 3 miles. Whether it takes 30 minutes, 25 minutes, or 40 minutes to do it, that's my goal. I do that maybe three times a week. Fitness helps bring peace of mind to me. OK, so when I'm running, I actually play Candy Crush. I have a huge iPad I put it on. I'm almost at level 2,000 at this point."


Outdoor Workouts


Milian thrives when she's outside in the sunshine. "I love outdoor workouts," she says. "In LA I'll hike up the Canyons at a steady pace; something that gets my heart rate going. I also like to do a combination of cardio and strength training. I've never really been crazy about bootcamps and CrossFit; those are too rough for me."


Lots of Protein


Milian enjoys a healthy diet with plenty of protein. "[My favorite is] salmon and a big salad," she says. "I really love avocados too, with some olive oil and salt and lemon. Delicious! And  asparagus—even out of the can. And I try not to overeat. If I hear my body tell me I'm full, I follow my gut, literally, and say 'Hey I'm full' and 'There will be another meal.' I think sometimes we eat with our eyes and our minds, thinking this is the last meal I'm ever going to have."


Stay Hydrated

Milian says some of the best wellness advice she has ever received is to drink enough water throughout the day. "I do find that there's a huge difference when I'm not drinking enough water and I'm not hydrated," she says. "I get headaches, I have an attitude, and I'm tired. When I'm dehydrated, it's not a good thing. Watch, you're going to notice it — one day you're going to be like, 'Why am I on edge right now?' and then you're going to realize you need to drink some water."

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