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Elli AvrRam in Bathing Suit Says "Let's Get Tropical"

Here’s how the Bollywood star stays fit and toned.

Swedish-Greek Elli AvrRam is showing off some pictures from a recent photoshoot in Mumbai, India. AvrRam, 32, shared images of herself posing by the pool in a pink and blue one-piece swimsuit, relaxing on a lounger in the sun. "Let's get Tropical🌴," the Bollywood actress captioned the post. "Gorgeous," a fan commented. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways AvrRam stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.



Yoga and Pilates

AvrRam practices yoga and Pilates every day with a personal trainer. "My daily routine includes yoga and Pilates," she says. "I adjust my exercise sessions depending on my shooting schedules. Sunday is a 'no work' day, I sleep a little longer and relax more. My Pilates instructor says that rest is as important as a workout."


Food That Makes Her Happy

AvrRam enjoys a diet rich in healthy fats and vegetables. "I have a balanced diet, with vegetables and dal," she says. "I have an avocado regularly. It is a misunderstood fruit, people think it's fattening; it's actually healthy fat. Dinners are light, with salads. Initially it was irritating, I used to crave sweets. Now, I do not. I have chocolate or carbohydrates for energy. People should keep the balance and make themselves a lifestyle diet that is life-long."


Jet Ski and Snorkeling

AvrRam loves ocean activities, especially when she's in the Maldives. "I tried the jet ski and boy, it was wild!" she says. "I realized I'm very fearless when it comes to tough, sporty activities. Although I've always had an inner strong side since childhood, I rediscovered that side when I jumped on to the jet ski. I will definitely like to walk on the beach alone at night again. It's the most magical thing I've ever done. It was just me walking bare feet on the silky-soft sands, dancing to the sounds of the ocean while looking up at the stars shining upon me. I would also love to ride the bicycle and snorkel again."


Skincare Secrets

AvrRam makes her own skincare masks from home ingredients. "Mix one aspirin (crush it) with yogurt and honey," she says. "Apply it on a clean face and keep [it on] for 30 minutes. The result is amazing! This reduces swelling, irritation, and softens thick and scaly skin, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles."


Exercising To De-Stress

AvrRam is diligent about doing activities that help mitigate her stress levels. The actress loves exercising as a method of supporting mental health, and is careful to get enough sleep. "De-stressing is through dance, figure skating and sport — they have always been with me," she says. "At the end of each day, I chat with my parents and discuss the day. I think of the day's positive things before going to sleep; that way you sleep well and peacefully."

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