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Emily Faye Miller in Bathing Suit is "Hot Stuff"

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Emily Faye Miller first made waves as a cast member on Netflix's Too Hot To Handle. Since then, she's grown a large following on social media. Miller and a friend recently enjoyed a beach day, and she shared some highlights on Instagram. In them, Miller and her friend sat on a board in the ocean. She referenced the Beyonce song "Drunk In Love" in the caption, writing, "Then I ride it with my?" How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Emily Faye Miller stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.



She Loves Yoga

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Miller broke down a typical self-care day for her in an interview with heatworld. She says that she loves to practice yoga to stay in shape and to help her mental state. "I'll always, always, always make time to do my yoga. Before the show, I was so into my yoga but now I either don't have time to do it or am not in the right headspace. So on a self-care Sunday it's a must."


She Loves Tea

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Miller is a big fan of drinking tea. She tells heatworld that she likes to drink tea in the mornings, especially on self-care days. "It's actually really funny because every self-care day starts the same. I wake up and think, 'today's the day that I give my body all this health and goodness', and it does start off like that. I'll have to have a lemon ginger tea in the morning, whether I'm hungover or not, it makes me feel 10x better."


She Uses Cruelty Free Products

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Miller has amazing skin, and she shared some of her favorite products in her heatworld interview. "I've actually started vowing to myself I'd only use products now that are animal cruelty-free. I was using La Roche Posay which I found out was owned by L'Oreal who test on animals so once I've used my bottle up, I'm going to find something else. NIP+FAB sent me a PR package coincidentally and they are cruelty-free. I'm using the hydration collection at the moment and it's so good, especially in the heat whilst I'm in Morocco. I've been raving about that."


She Speaks Out

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Miller wants to use her platform to speak out about things she's passionate about. "I think the best advice I had recently from my friends and family is to start making it clear what I stand for," she told heatworld. "I don't want to be known as Emily from Too Hot To Handle, I want to start making my own path. I'm really passionate about animals and that is the route I want to go down. I need to believe in myself. One day I would love my own animal sanctuary abroad!"


She Cooks

Miller likes to cook healthy recipes. She shared this video on Instagram of herself making a veggie bowl. In it, she includes broccoli, carrots, lettuce, and vegan chicken. Miller captioned the post, "My go to bowl of goodnessssss 🫶🏽I have this literally every single day and it never gets old. It literally takes 15 mins & it's the easiest way to get your veg in! It's vegan and so fkn yummm. (I sometimes switch the lettuce base for rice)."

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