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Emily Ratajkowski Shares Swimsuit Photo From the Legs Down

This is her number 1 tip for women.

Emily Ratajkowski is taking some time to enjoy the sun, sea, and sand at the beach—and she's got the selfies to prove it. Ratajkowski, 32, shared a picture of herself sunbathing in a brown and white patterned bikini, her tan legs covered with sand against a background of blue skies and ocean water. The model is thriving while extending her creative endeavors into writing and podcasts—how does she have the energy? Here are 5 ways Ratajkowski is living her best life.


No Dieting


Ratajkowski's weight is directly related to her state of mind, and she refuses to diet.  "When I'm stressed or going through a tough time I naturally eat less," she says. "And the reverse [happens] when I'm happy. My relationship with food is inseparable from my level of happiness."


Yes To Botox


Ratajkowski is glad women are being more open about cosmetic procedures such as Botox and fillers. "For people who don't live in New York or L.A., Botox seems really extreme," she says. "But even now, all my friends in San Diego, my hometown, they get Botox. It's so normal. I mean, I was terrified. But I was also like, everybody looks great. My best friends were getting Botox and I wanted to try it. With plastic surgery in general, the way we talk about what's normal and taboo has completely changed. It's what I mentioned on the [High Low with EmRata podcast] episode. Like, nose job check. Even Doja Cat tweeted about how she's going to get surgery to get a breast lift. I think there's something really nice about how open women are being."


She Loves Her Moles and Freckles


Ratajkowski keeps her makeup routine light, avoiding heavy foundations, and emphasizes her moles and freckles. "I try not to use that much on my skin," she says. "I don't use foundation. I'll use concealer, but it ends up being rubbed out over my whole face. I use Gucci Westman's bronzer stick. Then I use Patrick Ta's blush. I apply it with my fingers, then on the center of my cheeks and over my nose. I have a Milk highlighter that has never run out, I've had it for years and God bless it. I use an eyebrow pencil on my lips to line them and I also use that to darken my moles and freckles."


Her Number 1 Tip For Women

Ratajkowski's best tip for women is to have self-confidence. "I think women are still terribly lacking [in this area] compared with men," she says. "We have this internal critic and we have a hard time silencing it. We are afraid of what people will say and of appearing stupid when we open our mouths. We focus on what others will think of us – badly, of course. However, most of the time they probably think… nothing at all!"


Writing Changed Her Life

Emily Ratajkowski/instagram

Ratajkowski says writing made a difference in figuring out who she really was. "When I started writing, that helped," she says. "I wasn't fulfilled in my career and in my life. It was a really hard time for me. I had made all this money. I was famous. I was 'successful' in all of these ways that people tell you should make you happy. Realizing that I wasn't and I wasn't fulfilled, I had to figure out what would make me happy."

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