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Gen V Star Jaz Sinclair Shares Swimsuit Selfies in Perfect Lighting

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Gen V star Jaz Sinclair knows when you get perfect lighting, you get the perfect pictures. Sinclair, 29, shared pictures on her social media of herself posing in front of a mirror in a yellow bikini, her hair loose around her shoulder. "Lighting so nice it must be an omen ❤️‍🔥," she captioned the post. "ANGEL HAS LANDED ANGEL HAS LANDED," commented her co-star Maddie Phillips. Here's how Sinclair lives her life, one success at a time.


She Loves Coffee


Sinclair loves coffee packed with healthy fats and enjoys an active lifestyle. "I make some really good coffee in the morning," she says. "I know that sounds crazy but like bulletproof coffee with cacao powder, honey and coconut oil. It's really thick, creamy and delicious.I like to do yoga, run, and go to the gym. I have always been pretty active. I eat healthy because I like to but I try and stay away from the word diet in all its forms. I feel like rules are meant to be broken and the more rules you set for yourself, the more likely you are to break them. I think of the things that I can eat versus the things I can't eat."


Child Gymnast


Sinclair has an athletic background, and has always loved to act. "I was a gymnast for nine years as a kid," she says. "I was a cheerleader, so I could retain my tumbling skills. I did choir and my choir teacher made me do a musical. I had more fun being high school student number two in the second row doing a musical than I ever had in my life. I said to myself, 'I have to do more of this.' I went full-blown theater nerd and did all the plays, went to every rehearsal even when I wasn't acting because I was so into it. It was such a wonderful place for me to express myself and to experience what it's like being other people."


The Simple Life

Sinclair struggles with Hollywood expectations when it comes to her personal life and style. "I'm not Hollywood glam," she says. "I'm hair up, no makeup, yoga, reading books, hanging out with all my friends. It's strange for me to see my body on billboards. It's really, really, really exciting because I feel like it's a wonderful opportunity for me to be able to show my range and show what I can do, and then a little piece of me is really scared because I feel like my life if changing and that's always scary."


Body Positivity

Sinclair is passionate about inclusivity and body positivity. "This body is perfect. And not based on some mysterious formula of body parts that our society has concocted in order to simplify and objectify women. This body is perfect because it's mine," she says.


Creative Life

Sinclair loves to pursue other creative endeavors in her free time. "I sing. I am learning to play the keyboard. I am writing music," she says. "I have been journaling since I was 14 so I write poetry. I love to be outside, travel, run and cook. I am a yogi. I love to dance. I'm excited in general by traveling, seeing the world, meeting people, experiencing new people and their energies, places and food. I just love people."

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