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Georgia May Jagger in Bathing Suit Shows Off "New Wardrobe"

This is her approach to health and wellness.

Georgia May Jagger is showing off her new wardrobe, and it's very on-brand for the British model daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall. Jagger, 31, shared pictures of herself dressed head-to-toe in Burberry—bikini, boots, skirt, and even a coat hanging on the rack next to her. "We are having some very unpredictable weather in London this summer. Thanks @burberry for my new wardrobe," she captioned the post. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Jagger stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


Swimming and Horseback Riding

Jagger loves exercising outdoors—but she makes sure to protect her skin. "I love swimming and I love horseback riding as well," she says. "I'd love to live somewhere like Australia, with the beautiful beaches. You know, in England [where I was raised], the beaches are cold all year round and horrible. I'm really, really fair. My sister is as well. So we can't really go out without sunblock. Even in London, in the summer it's not an option for us to go out with nothing on. I think a lot of girls my age don't really think about protecting their skin. When I'm 50, I hope my skin will be thanking me for looking after it now."


Pilates and Yoga

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Jagger practices yoga and Pilates with a trainer. "I have a teacher called Sarah Hunt and she's really good so I workout a lot with her," she says. "There's also a place in LA called Beverly Hills Posture and I went there when I was having back problems and I found that was quite good."


Lots of Protein

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Jagger focuses on healthy foods, and uses olive oil both in her diet and for her hair. "I try to have a good diet," she says. "I like to eat a lot of protein – meat and fish – and vegetables; things like kale and dark green vegetables with lots of iron in them. And I love fruit. I eat a lot of raspberries… Mum always told me to use olive oil in my hair and wrap it up in a towel, like a hair mask, so I do that. Often, at work, they put in extensions and backcomb and do endless things to it. So after a job, and sometimes before a job as well, I'll try to do a mask like that, just to re-nourish it."


Pole Dancing and Rollerblading

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Jagger famously claimed she never exercised, but now she makes the effort. "Exercise has only really become a part of my life in the last couple of years," she says. "Yoga is probably my workout if I have the time. My friend – who once showed me a few pole-dancing moves – runs these really fun classes that are kind of a mix of yoga and dance. I want to get more into Pilates and take up rollerblading, too. I need exercise not to feel like a workout – it has to be fun.


Inspired By Jerry Hall


Jagger says her mother Jerry Hall inspired a sense of self-confidence in her. "The biggest thing she taught me was the importance of acceptance and paying as much attention to your sense of self as your image," she says. "It sounds cheesy but this has allowed me to define beauty for myself and not feel too much external pressure. She was a great example for me."

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