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Georgina Rodríguez in Bathing Suit Says "Marcito Rico"

Here’s how she stays in shape.

Georgina Rodríguez is best known for being the partner of famed soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo. She also shares a bunch of stunning posts on her Instagram. This week, Rodríguez and her family enjoyed a day on a boat. She shared some highlights on her page. In them, Rodríguez posed in a two piece swimsuit, her figure on display. She captioned the post, "Marcito Rico." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Georgina Rodríguez stays in shape.


She Rides Jet-Skis

Rodríguez spends a lot of time outside. Specifically, she spends a lot of time by the water. Rodríguez does a lot of aquatic activities to stay in shape. One thing she likes to do is ride jet-skis. She shared this set of photos on Instagram of herself jet-skiing in the ocean. 


She Swims

Naturally, Rodríguez likes to swim to stay in shape. She shares a bunch of posts on Instagram of herself in the water. She posted this set of photos of herself having a pool day in Saudi Arabia, captioning it, "Cada cielo tiene su matiz." She also shared this underwater video of herself snorkeling and boating in Mallorca. 


She Hikes

Rodríguez spends a lot of time outside. One thing she likes to do to stay in shape is going on hikes. Rodríguez shared this set of photos on Instagram of herself and her family hiking in Madrid. She captioned the post, "Maravilloso día de pre cumple con mis chicos ♥️ Picadura de 🐝 incluida…A las mamás es a quien tiran más."


She Eats Healthy

Rodríguez makes sure to eat healthy. She shared some of her favorite meals in an interview with Women's Health. "In the morning, I have a French omelette with orange juice and coffee with milk. At mid-morning I have a banana, after training. For snacks, sometimes I have cans of cockles with lemon. For dinner, the same as for lunch."


She Doesn't Restrict Herself

Rodríguez isn't one to restrict herself when it comes to food. She opened up about her approach to her diet in an interview with Women's Health. "For me, eating is a pleasure. I'm not the type of person who likes some things and never eats others. I follow a varied and balanced diet, but I also have my whims. 85% of my food is healthy – I follow a diet Mediterranean -and 15% are pleasures, and if they are sweet, the better."

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