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Gracie McGraw Shares Swimsuit Photo of "Adventures"

Here's what she has to say about taking Ozempic.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw's daughter Gracie McGraw is enjoying a sunny staycation at home. The singer, 26, shared pictures of herself lounging on the grass in a yard, wearing a blue swimsuit and black headband, proudly emphasizing her figure. "Adventures *at*  home," she captioned the post. "Natural beauty with class💗," a fan commented. How does the star stay fit? Here are 5 ways McGraw stays healthy and happy.


Open About Ozempic

McGraw admitted to using weight loss drug Ozempic after fans speculated about her weight loss. "I did use Ozempic last year, yes. I am now on a low dose of Mounjaro for my PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) as well as working out," she says. "No need to accuse when I have been open about it… During my appointment with my endocrinologist I realized that may had been a factor in my issues with weight, so we decided to try a medicine to regulate my body more normally and create the tools to continue to keep my body and myself healthy as I get older. For anyone asking for medication, I was prescribed Qysmia and Ozempic. Ozempic is also given to patients who are diabetic, I am not diabetic. So, I do not know how it works in that regard."


She Loves Chicken

McGraw loves to eat chicken, which is high in protein. "Both chicken thighs and breasts are good sources of lean protein," says Sarah Klemm, RDN, CD, LDN. "However, they differ in the amount of calories, fat and saturated fat. For example, a 3-ounce skinless, chicken breast provides about 140 calories, 3 grams of total fat and just 1 gram of saturated fat."


Fishing Fan

McGraw enjoys fishing in the great outdoors, which is a great way to enjoy the fresh air. "You can make your fishing excursion as physical as you want," says Janna Superstein of Superfly International Inc. "Even just getting out there, you'll still get the benefits of the outdoors and maybe that's the beginning of a new fit, healthy lifestyle."


Japanese Cuisine


McGraw loves Japanese cuisine, which is a very healthy choice. "The traditional Japanese diet is considered one of the healthiest diets in the world," says Divya Jacob, Pharm.D. "The Japanese pride themselves in having one of the lowest rates of obesity in the world, as well as low incidences of certain hormone-dependent cancers. Usually, the Japanese eat three large meals and two snacks each day."


Supported by Parents

McGraw's father is her biggest fan. "No, she doesn't listen to dad," [Tim] says. "She's way more talented than I am, anyway. She doesn't need any advice from me. She's so bubbly and she fills up a room when she walks in. She's got so much talent and is such a great songwriter, we're going to hear from her down the road, for sure."

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