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Harry Potter's Bonnie Wright Shares Swimsuit Photo From "Quiet Holiday"

Here are some of the Harry Potter star’s top health habits. 

Bonnie Wright is babymooning in her bathing suit. In one of her latest social media posts the Harry Potter star shows off her amazing figure and baby bump in a swimsuit. "Our last quiet holiday as just two 💗 no better place to spent it than where we stayed with our friends and family for our wedding weekend. Thanks @hoteljoaquin for inviting us on a babymoon," she captioned the Instagram post. How does the actress approach health, wellness, and fitness? Celebwell compiled some of her top healthy habits. 


She Uses Food to Heal

Bonnie uses food to heal. "I've always had a curiosity towards the healing properties of food. I find that quite fascinating," she told S-Life Magazine. She added that she "fell upon food as the last resort to help me get well from something that I had tried every single Western Medicine remedy to cure. It's not that I ever doubted food's ability to help me feel better, but when I started to focus more on the right ones, I was like 'Okay, this s**t really works.' I suddenly had new appreciation for food, and I feel extremely grateful for it."


She Practices Discipline


"Discipline, for me, is really hard to find because my day-to-day work is dictated by how I want it to be. If I'm on a project, then that's what I'm doing for 3 months and I have to drop everything that I'm used to doing on a daily basis. Then when that project is finished, I'm like, 'Okay, how do I start my day again?'. I think food has a added a discipline to my work, a rhythm to my work that I needed. I was traveling a lot before I moved to New York in February, and I think the reason why my health did get bad was because I didn't have a discipline or a daily practice around it," Bonnie told the publication. 


She Cooks

Bonnie cooks her own meals. "I've always loved cooking from quite a young age. It's that joy of making something with my hands. I grew up making little things and objects, and now that I'm sat at my laptop all day, any moment I can do something else with my hands, I do. And the easiest thing I can do each day is cooking, even if I'm just preparing something small," she said. 


She Does Detoxes

Bonnie Wright/Instagram

Bonnie enjoys detoxing. "I recently did a 40-day complete detox of no caffeine, no alcohol, no sugar – not even natural sugars. Just vegan for 40 days. Even though it was pretty difficult, it did restart my body. Then I slowly started to introduce things one by one to see what affected me. It's amazing how your body is the best at telling you things. I think that until you really try for yourself, it's easy to have all these ideas about what you're meant to be doing to be healthy," she told the publication. 


She Meditates


Meditation is a big part of Bonnie's life. "When I wake up, I try not to look at my phone. I usually have some water then I sit down and meditate for 20 minutes. I meditate twice a day, every day. I was taught Vedic meditation, which is mantra-based. People say all these things like 'drinking lots of water to start your digestive system and wake up your body in the morning is best', but for me, meditation does that – even though they say it's supposed to make you go into 5 times more of a restful state than sleeping. You'd think your body and system would be shutting down in that restoring state, but I find that when I have my breakfast and different things after meditation, my body takes it better," she said. 


She Exercises

"I tend to go through phases of exercise practice," Bonnie said about her approach to fitness. "For so long, I think my association to exercise was stemming from the wrong place – when I was in my mid to late teens, it was entirely about this idea of body image and having to exercise to be a certain way, even though at that age, your body doesn't really know which way it is. I would say in the last two and a half years, I finally have a really great relationship with exercise, which is entirely because it's the best stress reliever. That natural release of endorphins is so great. Right now, I've got quite a lot of stress and tiredness from this project I'm currently working on, so I don't kill myself over trying to exercise. I've just been doing yoga three to four times a week."

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