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How Liam Neeson Stays Fit As He Pops Up Everywhere

The veteran actor keeps healthy so he can work a lot.

Liam Neeson seems to be on everyone's mind these days as he makes surprise appearances in everything from Disney+'s Obi-Wan Kenobi to FX's Atlanta to the Netflix U.K. teen comedy series Derry Girls. Fortunately, the 70-year-old veteran actor stays in shape to handle all the work. It's important to the Oscar-nominated actor to stay healthy and fit because he keeps busy. Read on to see five ways Liam Neeson stays in shape and the photos that prove they work. 



He Has a No-Frills Approach to Fitness

Raymond Hall/GC Images

Neeson doesn't do extreme workouts or follow an unorthodox fitness regime, instead favoring a no-frills approach. His basic fitness routine includes weightlifting, strength training and cardio, paired with eating healthy.


He Enjoys Running


Neeson's fitness program includes running, and he makes time to complete an 8-mile loop, often with a workout buddy to make it a little more fun. His routine also includes building endurance and stamina. Such training can increase heart and lung fitness and bone and muscle strength over time, according to the Mayo Clinic.


He Doesn't Have a Gym Membership

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Neeson doesn't need a gym. He does bodyweight workouts and light weight training on his own and also goes on power walks as an extra aerobic activity to maintain his mental and physical health.


He Eats Healthy

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Neeson cut down on his carbohydrate intake and eats a high-protein diet with a lot of greens and fresh vegetables. When he's traveling for work or other reasons, he sticks to his healthy diet regimen.


He Does Bodyweight Exercises

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son's training includes  bodyweight exercises, which he can do anywhere without equipment. He does pushups, pullups, squats and other exercises using  just his body. Such training can be effective in toning and strengthening muscles.

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