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Izabel Goulart in Bathing Suit Celebrates "Verano"

Here’s how this model stays fit and happy.

Brazilian model Izabel Goulart is enjoying a sun-soaked vacation in Ibiza, Spain. Goulart, 38, shared pictures of herself wearing a tiny orange bathing suit, while posing against a gorgeous ocean background at a private resort. "Verano 🇪🇸," she captioned the post. "Perfect," a fan commented. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Goulart stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


Home Cooking

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Goulart loves to cook and make green juices at home. "I travel a lot, but when I'm home, I cook every day," she says. "In the mornings, I'll make juices with fruits, vegetables and protein. I try to keep the foods I put in my body as basic as possible: protein, carbs and vegetables. When I go out, I just try to make the healthiest choices on the menu."


Health Is Wealth

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Goulart genuinely enjoys sports and exercise. "Health is one of the biggest treasures we have in life and has always been my priority," she says. "Sports have always been a big part of my life. At school I played a lot of different sports and I was competing with other schools. I did everything: running, volleyball, basketball, soccer, Olympic-style gymnastics, and more! My history with sports gave me good concentration, focus, strength, and motivation to stay healthy."


She Trains Like an Athlete

Goulart's exercise regimen consists of kickboxing, running, Pilates, and weight training. "I am a model professionally but I'm also an athlete, a friend, a daughter, a sister and many other things," she says. "Training has helped me overcome stress and fears to be successful in other aspects of my life. I tell my trainers… to train me like I will become a professional in that sport. If you have focus, motivation [and] dedication, you can accomplish your goals."


Working Out On the Road

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Goulart always finds a way to work out while traveling. "Often, I'll do a quick workout in my hotel room consisting of exercises for the legs, glutes, abs, and arms with my own body weight," she says. "Also, I always have a jump rope, a medicine ball I can inflate, and a band in my suitcase. It's a great kit to have for travel. If you don't have a gym at your destination, no problem!"


Happiness Over Looks

Goulart focuses on how she feels over how she looks. "I don't wake up everyday thinking I have to look good, but I wake up everyday thinking I want to feel happy," she says. "I want to walk in a room and be able to make people smile and laugh. It's all about confidence."

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