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Jenna Dewan Shares Swimsuit Photo Laughing in Pool

Here are her trade secrets.

Jenna Dewan recently enjoyed a pool day. She made sure to take some gorgeous photos to post on social media. In a recent Instagram post, Dewan is seen wearing a red swimsuit, as she posed near the pool's walls. She captioned the post, "Hold the pumpkin spice." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Jenna Dewan stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Does A Variety Of Workouts


Dewan does a variety of things to keep herself in shape. "My go-to workout is Pilates, which has really strengthened and toned my body in a way that makes me feel stronger than when I was dancing for ten hours a day," she told Well + Good. "I also like cardio yoga. Sometimes, I work out with my trainer when I need to bulk up to get my muscles a little bigger. I get bored easily with workouts so I like to switch it up."


She Alters Her Meal Sizes


Dewan opened up about her diet in her Well + Good interview. She says that she alters the size of her lunch and dinner, so she isn't eating too large meals. "I'll either have a big lunch and small dinner, or a small dinner and big lunch—depending on if I have a work meeting or not, and how my body is feeling. If I have two big meals, my body just doesn't feel good."


She Loves Grain Bowls


Dewan shared some of her favorite healthy meals in her Well + Good interview. She says that she likes to eat grain bowls. "Typically for lunch I'll have a grain bowl, made with quinoa, black beans, tomatoes, cucumber, and heart of palm—or honestly whatever veggies are in my fridge at the time. I'll have some tortilla chips on the side, too. There's a chipotle sauce I like to buy from Whole Foods that's a little spicy and hot, so I like to add that on top with some lemon juice, salt, and pepper. I love dishes that have some kick to it."


She Eats A Plant-Based Diet


Dewan eats a plant-based diet, and it's not just to be healthier. She explains to People, "I also choose to eat plant-based foods because not only is it healthy and yummy, but I feel ethically right. We have become so off-balance with our animal consumption. Even one meatless meal a week helps!"


She Believes In Moderation

Dewan revealed to People that she believes in moderation when it comes to food. "I consider eating healthy a way of life because I feel better, plain and simple," she said. "I'm not a fan of dieting, which is why I choose to eat healthy most of the time. I keep it in balance, so I don't have to crash diet. When I want to splurge I allow myself and don't beat myself up — I just make a plan to eat extra healthy the next day or work out."

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