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Jennifer Connelly Shares Bikini Photo: "We Take Vacations Very Seriously" 

Here’s how she stays fit and fantastic at 52.

Top Gun: Maverick star Jennifer Connelly is poking fun at herself (and son Kai Dugan, 26) in a recent social media update. Connelly, 52, shared a picture of herself posing in a yellow bikini next to her son, standing behind a table with the remains of a meal on it. Both the actress and Dugan are wearing solemn expressions for the camera. "We take our vacations very seriously," she captioned the post. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Connelly stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


Yoga and Running

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Connelly's workouts haven't changed much over the years—she swears by yoga and running. "The things I've really loved doing over the years most consistently are running and yoga," she says. "I run maybe four days a week. It's very meditative for me and it gets my blood flowing, even if it's for ten minutes. It all depends on how much time I have, how early my call time is, and how many times I press snooze in the morning. I'm more moderate now."


Personal Trainer Sessions

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Connelly works out with a personal trainer.  "The person who has been most critical for my fitness routine over the years is a woman named Michelle Rodriguez," she says. "She has a place called Manhattan Physio Group. I first met her when I had an injury years ago. She's a physical therapist who keeps me able to do the things I love, and she's an absolute genius. She keeps everything in check and in alignment."


Vegan Diet

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Connelly follows a vegan diet. "I've been a vegan for a pretty long time but I do eat fish on occasion depending on where I am and what's available," she says. "I like to run a few times a week and do yoga, which I've been doing for many years. My thought is that even if you only have a few minutes to get a run (or your workout) in, it helps to get your energy going and the blood flowing."


Aging Gracefully

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Connelly is determined to age gracefully. "We equate beauty for women with youth, and that's sad. It's a shame it's so hard for so many of us to appreciate the beauty of an older woman and to accept it in ourselves," she says. "I don't want to erase my history on my face. There's a window of time, a hump to get over, because it's inevitable. I love that Radiohead song 'Fake Plastic Trees': 'He used to do surgery for girls in the '80s, but gravity always wins.' It's certainly a dialogue I have with myself. And I don't judge; every woman has to make her own choice. But for me it's more beautiful to see the person."


Holistic Approach To Beauty

Connelly keeps her skincare routine simple. "I don't really have any surprising beauty secrets," she says. "Just take care of your skin from an early age, be careful about sun exposure and don't mess around with your hair too much. I feel like I look my best when I'm calm and happy and have a strong sense of well-being. And my husband is very complimentary — he makes me feel beautiful."

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