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Kelly Brook Shares "Unreal" Swimsuit Photo

This is her approach to health and wellness.

Kelly Brook is back in bella Italy a year after getting married to husband Jeremy Parisi. The British model is enjoying a sun-soaked vacation by the ocean, happily feeding the fish and posting highlights on social media. Brook, 43, shared a picture of herself wearing a beautiful print-pattern bikini that emphasized her hourglass figure while relaxing on a luxurious yacht, her hair up in a matching hair band. "You look unreal Kelly!" a fan commented. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Brook stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


Inner and Outer Health


Brook works out for her mental health as well as physical. "I do exercise a lot, I think that's really good for not only your body but also your headspace," she says. "If I'm feeling a bit down or have had too many glasses of wine, a quick run around the park leaves you feeling happier and clearer headed, like you've done something kind for yourself."


Pilates and Yoga


Brook does weight training, Pilates, and yoga classes. "In terms of what exercise I do apart from running, I'm going to start doing a bit more stuff in the gym in terms of weight training," she says. "I went to see one of our producers when she was in one of the Miami Pro Building competitions, and she has completely transformed her body. And I think I could definitely do with a bit more toning around my bum. I looked at her bum, and I was like gosh that's goals. I like trying all kinds of different exercise; Pilates, yoga or even just walking and do it whenever I can fit it in really."


Long Walks Every Day

Brook starts the day with a long walk. "I walk my dog for two hours every morning," she says. "This has replaced the gym and I'm a lot happier for it – it's funny how having a dog has made me healthier and happier. I try to avoid my phone in the morning, if I can. I'm very disciplined in my exercise, food and screen time. Mornings are for the family and myself, and I work every afternoon on Heart radio. It's a good balance."


Confidence With Age

Brook is only growing more confident with age. "I like getting older," she says. "I travel more, I am happier, more confident and way more resilient when things don't work out. I bounce back quicker. In my 20s, I was desperate to work and prove myself. Now I can relax and not care so much what people think. I was made to feel guilty in my 20s because of things not working out well. I now realize it's all been for the best."


Embracing Her Body

Brook is at peace with her body and her unique look. "Throughout my life I've been lots of different sizes, and I never quite knew what my perfect size was," she says. "I think with most women finding the right size for them is a process you go through. Maybe your body shape isn't fashionable at the time or maybe if relationships don't work out you think you're not sexy or beautiful enough. We can be so hard on ourselves… But when you get to a certain age and a certain level of happiness, you realize it's actually it's nice to be kind to yourself and just accept your body shape and what works for you. This has definitely what's happened for me and has helped the relationship with my body."

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