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Lili Reinhart in Bathing Suit Does "Hard Reset"

This is how she focuses on health and wellness. 

Lili Reinhart is taking a step back from her busy lifestyle to get some much-needed R&R at the Hotel Esencia luxury resort in Tulum, Mexico. Reinhart, 26, shared pictures of herself in a flowery orange bikini with matching cover up, posing by the pool with wet hair. "Hard reset," she captioned the post. "Welcome! ❤️!" the hotel responded. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Reinhart stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


Inspired By Wonder Woman


Reinhart says she was inspired by Gal Gadot to get fit and build muscle. "I wanted to feel really strong, physically strong," she says. "I was inspired by Gal Gadot. I was like, I want to be like you. I want to be strong so, you know, I didn't feel like, 'Oh I needed to be skinny or thin'. It totally wasn't like that." Reinhart started working out with a personal trainer, "which has been kind of life changing," she says. "I just know what I'm doing now when I'm at the gym, because I used to totally not."


Meditation and a Healthy Diet

Giovanni Giannoni/WWD via Getty Images

Reinhart is trying to maintain new, healthy habits. "I'm trying to take care of myself more than I was before," she says. "I'm a fast food addict and junk food addict. So trying to change my diet actually. And I'm actually working with a new holistic doctor to kind of find out the cause of my chronic fatigue. It's a struggle. I like to set aside the time at night, if I can, to meditate. It helps me fall asleep. But I also work with a channeler. I meet with her weekly, and she's helped me in a very spiritual, beautiful way."


Walking Her Dog

Reinhart credits her dog with forcing her to be active every day. "My dog, luckily, encourages me to get out of the house and go for a walk," she says. "I think I probably would be a lot more physically unhealthy if I didn't have Milo encouraging me to go for walks. So just finding things that are fulfilling, whether it's reading or painting or writing, just making sure I'm not sitting around watching TV for 12 hours, basically, because it's hard to sleep when you do that, because you're not actually doing anything."



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Reinhart is determined to focus on self-love and health over appearance. "It's hard because I've totally been on the receiving end of the mirror and thinking that's not what I want to look like," she says. "But if you're doing things that make you happy and you think you are treating your body well by nourishing it with good food and exercise then you should just accept yourself."


Lots of Sleep

Reinhart gets at least eight hours of sleep every night and plenty of naps. The actress focused on supporting her mental health during the pandemic lockdowns, and sees it as self-love. "I take as many naps as I can," she says. "I've been kinda selfish—necessarily selfish—throughout this pandemic. Maybe that sounds worse than it is, but what I mean by that is just putting myself as a priority when it comes to my mental health and taking care of myself, whatever that means, whatever that looks like."

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