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LA Clippers Cheerleader Sarah Seese Shares Swimsuit Photo With "Laguna Vibes"

Here are her California lifestyle tips.

Los Angeles Clippers cheerleader Sarah Seese spent the summer in beautiful Laguna Beach, soaking up the sun and enjoying the gorgeous scenery. Seese shared pictures of herself posing in a black two-piece bathing suit and pink hat, standing in the surf. "Laguna vibes🫰🏼🌊," she captioned the post. "Love Laguna. Trying to find the best small beach there," a fan commented. Seese is not only a Clippers cheerleader, she's a choreographer, too. Here's how she's living the ultimate California girl lifestyle.


She Loves the Beach

Seese is a California girl through and through, liking nothing more than hitting the beach with friends. Experts recommend wearing sunscreen even when it's overcast, and reapplying it frequently. "Sunscreen is a critical tool for helping beachgoers avoid sunburn, and it reduces the risk of developing skin cancer," says Tyler Hollmig, MD, dermatologist and director of laser and aesthetic dermatology at Stanford Health Care.


Always Traveling

Seese loves to travel around the world and immerse herself in new cultures, which research shows is highly beneficial to mental health and attitude. "People who traveled to more countries developed a greater tolerance and trust of strangers, which altered their attitudes toward not only strangers but also colleagues and friends back home," says Todd B. Kashdan, PhD. "They became more appreciative of people with new knowledge, philosophies, and skills."


Dancing Queen

Seese is not only a dancer but a gifted choreographer as well, which is a wonderful creative skill. "Scientists have found that the areas of the brain that control memory and skills such as planning and organizing improve with exercise," says the CDC. "Dance has the added dimensions of rhythm, balance, music, and a social setting that enhances the benefits of simple movement – and can be fun!"


Hiking and Exploring

Seese enjoys hiking and exploring in nature, especially while she's traveling. "The physiological response to being outside in nature is real, and it's measurable," says Michelle Kondo, a research social scientist with the USDA Forest Service's Northern Research Station. "There are many physical and psychological benefits of nature that scientists have observed, which can better help us understand how nature supports wellness in the body, mind and community."


Lots of Swimming

Seese is a natural mermaid in the water—swimming has many health benefits, especially for those who prefer low-impact exercises. "I see patients who tell me they want to exercise and lose weight, but they're unable to walk because of chronic lower back or knee pain," says Audrey Schmidt, a physical therapist at Harvard-affiliated Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. Swimming is also highly beneficial for heart health. "Swimming is one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise," says Dr. Aubrey Grant, a sports cardiology fellow at the Cardiac Performance Laboratory at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital.

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