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Home and Away's Ada Nicodemou Shares Swimsuit Video "Until Next Time"

Here are 6 ways the star stays fit. 

Ada Nicodemou is looking gorgeous in Greece in her swimsuit. In one of her latest social media posts the Home and Away star shows off her amazing figure in a bathing suit while vacationing with her family. "Cyprus was our last stop and it was our favourite, got to see all the family, ate the best food, enjoyed spending time at the beach and just relaxed in my home land. Until next time," she captioned the Instagram Reel. How does the star keep herself in such amazing shape? Here are a few ways. 


She Revamped Her Approach to Health

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When Ada turned 41, she revamped her approach to health and decided to put herself "first for a little bit" and update her wellness approach. "I was feeling tired, lethargic, and not very motivated," she told WHO Magazine in 2018.


She Follows the 80/20 Diet

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Ada starts with a healthy approach to diet. "I'll stick to this way of eating, but it'll be 80/20 – 80 per cent sticking to it and 20 per cent relaxing it a bit. Life is to be enjoyed," she told the publication.


She Does ACV Shots


Ada told New Idea that she does shots in the morning. "Each morning I start my day with either a shot of apple cider vinegar or hot water with lemon depending on the seasons," she said. "At the moment, it's hot lemon water. Next, I take a collagen supplement."


She Exercises in the AM

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"It is hard, but I exercise every morning. It's a non-negotiable for me. I either go to the gym, go for a walk or do a PT session. I feel so much better when I do," she added. 


She Works Out Four Times a Week

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Ava told Now To Love that she works out more often than not. "I try and work out about four times a week. So realistically, two of those days will be early morning training sessions where I just do weights," she said.


She Walks

"I love to walk outside. Even at lunchtime at work, I go for a big walk. If I don't have a lot of time, I'll do a 20-minute run, plus weight training," she added.

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