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Madison LeCroy Shares Swimsuit Photo "Keepin' it Real" 

Here are some of her unconventional methods for staying in shape.

Madison LeCroy is living her best life this summer in her swimsuit. In one of her latest social media posts the Southern Charm beauty goes boating in her bathing suit in her hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. "Keepin' it reel," she captioned the Instagram post shared with her followers. How does the reality star stay healthy and fit? She has a few unconventional methods. Read about them below. 


She Uses an "Infrared Sauna" Blanket

At home, Madison uses an infrared sauna. She is also a fan of using a sauna blanket when she is on the road. "You guys know that I have the one out in the garage, but this one you can travel with," she said in an Instagram Story. According to the star, the blanket is "mood-lifting" and activates "glowing skin." There is also a towel that goes with the sauna that "goes on underneath" for a "dry brushing" and provides a "full-body detox." 


She Gets Plastic Surgery

Madison is open about going under the knife. "After giving birth to an 10-pound baby eight years ago, I no longer felt confident in my own skin," she revealed in an Instagram photo. "I've always been fitness obsessed and aware of what I was eating but sometimes, no matter how much you diet and exercise, there are areas that don't quite bounce back to where they were originally." She went to doctor, Patrick O'Neill, who "gave me my confidence back and transformed the parts of my body that I was most self-conscious about. Women should never be shamed for doing anything that makes themselves more confident or love themselves more. If it makes you feel better about yourself, do it!" she said. 


She Does Cold Plunges

Madison is one of the many stars who is obsessed with cold plunging. "Have you guys ever done cold plunge!? If not go see my friends at @sweathouzmtpleasant @sweathouzwestashley but if you aren't local find one near you @sweathouz," she captioned a recent post. 


She Does Healthy Cleanses


Madison does healthy cleanses. One 30-day eating and drinking plan she was on eliminated alcohol as well as "artificial" carbs and sugar. "I just started to feel really bad," she said about why she was inspired. "I just said, 'This has got to stop, so I'm gonna make these foods and I'm gonna eat this kale salad and eat grilled chicken and broccoli four days a week, or whatever it was, and no alcohol for 14 days.' That kind of thing was very tough," she added to Bravo. 


She Is "Good for a Week and Bad for a Week" with Diet and Exericse

Madison has a yo-to approach to diet and exercise. "It's definitely been a struggle. I go back and forth. I'm good for a week and bad for a week," she said about her eating habits. "I try to work out at least four days a week, sometimes it's three days. It's all generally mental health for me, I crave it. I definitely feel that it makes me a little bit less on edge… I love working out with other people, all ages, all sizes, because when the girl beside me is giving me a run for my money, you know I'm running fast. I'm like, 'OK, girl. Let's go.'"

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