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Marvel Star Laura Harrier Shares Swimsuit "Poolside At Home"

She works hard and plays very hard.

Marvel star Laura Harrier enjoyed a much-needed staycation over the summer, soaking up the sun by her pool. The Spider-Man: Homecoming star, 33, shared a selfie of herself posing on a sun lounger in a brown bikini and dark sunglasses, glowing in the sunshine. No plane tickets needed! "Poolside at home in @aerie swim 🤎," she captioned the post. "Obsessed with this combo! 😍," the Aerie official account commented. Here's how Harrier lives a healthy, balanced life (while eating all the pasta).


Different Workouts

Harrier mixes up her workouts and also meditates. "I actually woke up this morning and went to a barre class at Physique57," she says. "I kind of hate barre—it's so hard. I like SoulCycle, and have an amazing trainer, Kirk Myers, at Dogpound here in New York. We do circuit training, and I box there. I always make coffee, and then I take these really gross Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C packets. They're gooey and taste like trash, but they're supposed to be good for you. I take a shot of green juice as a chaser, and then I'll have avocado toast or peanut butter with a banana. I try to meditate a bit, too. I was using Headspace and then I was like, I can do this on my own. But I just sit there."


Deep Breathing


Harrier wants to destigmatize therapy in the Black community. "There's been such a long history of ignoring mental health problems, of saying, 'Oh, just suck it up,' or, 'I'm a strong Black woman. That doesn't happen to me,'" she says. "I try to meditate. I can't say that I'm the best with my track record of doing it every day, but I try to at least do some deep breathing. I noticed I literally forget to breathe, which sounds wild, but sometimes I'm like, 'Wait, I haven't taken a real breath all day,' and just taking 30 seconds to sit and do deep belly breathing is a game changer."


Sardines In Italy

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Harrier gained an appreciation for sardines during a trip to Italy. "I spent a week in Sicily with two of my best friends, eating pasta and driving around," she says. "We actually became friends with these cute Italian guys who we met on the beach. They came over and cooked for us one night; it was great! I never like sardines, but one of the guys pan-fried them and poured this crazy lemon-basil sauce all over them. It was amazing! He also made pasta with swordfish. The meal was so insane. I was like, is this my life right now? We also went to a natural wine vineyard in Sicily. It was magic."


Self-Care With Friends


Harrier believes self-care is important—and it doesn't have to be worthy. "I think it's so common to talk only about self-care as mediation, yoga, and working out, which are all important," she says. "But sometimes self-care is having a glass of wine with your best friend and laughing and watching reality TV. Sometimes that's the self-care that you need."


Balancing It Out

Harrier lets herself fully enjoy vacations and then makes up for it when she gets home. "When I'm traveling, I try to fully embrace wherever I am—for me, that means embracing the food," she says. "If this is a trip that's super memorable and special to me, it's worth it to indulge. I'm going to have the gelato; I'm going to eat all the things. And then when I get home, I will go to the gym everyday. When you're in these special spaces in the world, the full experience means having all of the things. I let myself do that and try not to feel guilty."


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