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Melissa Gorga in Bathing Suit Takes a "Little Break"

Here’s how this Real Housewife stays in shape year-round.

With news that both Melissa Gorga and Teresa Guidice are returning to The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Gorga is getting as much relaxation as possible before the inevitable drama sparks off when filming starts in August. Gorga, 44, shared a picture of herself on vacation in Montauk, NY, posing in the surf in a black bikini and white shirt. "Much needed little break by the ocean 🌊," she captioned the post. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Gorga stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


Weight Training

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Gorga focuses on lifting weights and toning exercises. "I do a lot of lifting," she says. "I don't do that much cardio, because I run around so much. I feel like even if you're a little bit heavier, it's all about toning your body. Work with what you're working with, but keep it tight."


No Fad Diets

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Gorga avoids restrictive fad diets and focuses on a healthy lifestyle with consistent habits. "I have always been that girl who keeps up with myself," she says. "I have made fitness and eating right a part of my lifestyle. I never go on any fad diets and just try to keep it consistent throughout the year." Gorga says she avoids carbs in the evenings and focuses on protein. "For dinner, it's always a piece of meat and vegetables," she says.


Squats and Sit-Ups

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Gorga works out at least three days a week, with plenty of ab work. "I actually do a lot of squats all summer long, and I do a lot of things to tone my legs, as well as a lot of sit-ups," she says. "I work my lower abs, my upper abs. I do thousands of sit-ups in the summertime because I'm always in a bikini and showing my stomach. I was the queen of excuses, thinking, 'Oh, I don't really need to; I'm skinny, I don't really feel like it.' But, when you start working out, you see that everything starts to tighten up and everything starts to tone — and it's worth it."


Staying Hydrated

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Gorga avoids salty foods and drinks lots of water before slipping into a swimsuit. "I won't eat, like, salty food the day before, 'cause I do retain water," she says. "So, it's like, I pay attention if I'm going to eat, like, anything really salty or Chinese food or anything that's going to give me a lot of salt. I pee a lot because I drink a lot of water. So I feel like I'm constantly running to the bathroom because I just drink so much water. So … I know it's such, like, a cliche, but it's so true. It's one of the truest things for your skin and for the flush out your body."


Protecting Her Skin


Gorga is obsessive about protecting her skin from the sun, especially on her face and décolletage. "I actually look funny because if you ever see me out in my backyard or at the beach, my face is always pure white and I will put, like, [SPF] 30 on my skin," she says. "I just naturally have, you know, olive skin. So it gets dark, but I usually put, like, a [SPF] 15 to 30 on my body, but my chest and my face are always covered in zinc."


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