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Melissa Wood-Tepperberg Shares Swimsuit Photo From Ibiza

Here’s how this trainer stays fit and energized.

Wellness influencer Melissa Wood-Tepperberg is having the time of her life on vacation in Ibiza, Spain. Wood-Tepperberg shared highlights from her fabulous trip to the famed island, posing on a boat in a brown bikini and straw sun hat, complete with a sarong skirt. Another snap showed her taking a selfie in a cheetah-print swimsuit. "Ibiza brings out the yin to my yang," she captioned the post. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Wood-Tepperberg stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


No Long Workouts

Wood-Tepperberg combines yoga and Pilates for workout sessions that go from 30-45 minutes. "I believe that we do not have to torture ourselves with hour-plus long workouts that we despise to see lasting results internally and externally," she says. "My philosophy is that when you move in a slow, controlled way, mostly using your own body weight—all while connecting very deeply to your breath—you not only see such a transformational difference through your entire body but most importantly, your mind."


Plant-Based Diet

Melissa Wood-Tepperberg/Instagram

Wood-Tepperberg enjoys a plant-based diet, starting her day with an oat milk latte. "Every individual is different and thrives on incorporating different foods into their regimen," she says. "Removing labels for me has been a big thing this year and intuitively focusing on the foods that make me feel best is what I keep coming back to… Spirulina is a great plant-based protein option that gives you a real boost."


Small Movements

Wood-Tepperberg focuses on smaller, controlled movements in her workouts. "One thing you will see in almost all of my workouts is a small movement in which I make tiny little circles with my arms or legs respectively," she says. "I always find a way to work those in. Don't be fooled by the tiny movements. Tiny movement, big effect. You truly do not have to kill yourself to see the most insane results. I believe when you slow things down and intuitively listen to what your body needs, that's where the long lasting transition takes place."


Self-Care and Downtime

Wood-Tepperberg's self-care is all about nurturing her inner health. "Daily meditation, reading my lesson of the day in 'A Course in Miracles,' going for a walk outside," she says. "Taking my son to the park and getting a lymphatic drainage massage."


Her Fitness Advice

Wood-Tepperberg believes in cultivating healthy habits step by step. "To me, you have to first take a step back," she says. "Look at your food choices, movement method, thoughts you're thinking, and the people you're surrounding yourself with. When you do the work and actually look through the lens of the life you're living and ask yourself if you truly want to change, I believe that is where the transformation takes place."

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