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Mine Tugay Shares Swimsuit Photo Under the Sun

This is how she stays beautiful at 45.

Turkish actress Mine Tugay is soaking up the summer sun at a luxurious resort on the beautiful Aegean coast. Tugay, 45, shared pictures of her stay at the Assos Ida Costa Hotel, posing in a red bikini with a tan cover up on top. She completed her look with a cap and dark sunglasses. "Summer 🌸🌿," she captioned the post. Tugay is known for her ageless looks and timeless style—so how does she do it? Here are 5 ways the star stays fit, happy, and healthy.


Pilates and Elliptical Machine

Tugay says she enjoys exercise but sometimes struggles to find the time to work out. "It's good, but it's not very regular due to the uncertainty of shooting times and days," she says. "But I still try not to miss out on Pilates with equipment for at least two hours a week. If I can't go to class, I exercise at home on an elliptical. I'll put myself on a tighter schedule in the coming weeks."


No Butter or Sugar


Tugay enjoys a healthy diet with plenty of healthy fats and vegetables. "In the morning before breakfast, I drink a glass of warm lemon water, and for breakfast I eat 3 slices of unsalted meat, about 100 g of cottage cheese, cucumber, unsalted olives and 3 walnuts," she says. "When I get hungry between meals during the day, I immediately prepare a yogurt cure with lemon, hot chili pepper and black cumin. I eat as many vegetables as possible. Even though I love butter, salt and sugar, I cut it out of my life."


Ageless Skin

Tugay is diligent about protecting her skin. "In my twenties, I started using age-appropriate daily care creams regularly," she says. "I would definitely moisturize my skin and use rose water as a tonic. I would never miss removing my makeup and my daily skincare routines. Well, now I say that I did. I can observe the benefits of skin care that starts on time. I have a mask that I make with manuka honey, turmeric and lemon juice, which I sometimes apply. I also do yoga to feel balanced."


Yoga and Meditation

Tugay is a strong advocate for holistic health and wellbeing. "My instrument is my body, so my priority is; to protect it, keep it well and stay healthy in my life," she says. "I take care to eat healthy, I try not to interrupt my sports. Unfortunately, I've been having a hard time during this pandemic period. I had to take a break from Pilates for a while, but luckily I started again. I do yoga at home, I work with the trampoline. Yoga and meditation are among the most special tools that add awareness to my life. You notice a muscle you never noticed, you face an emotion that you have never faced, your thoughts also stretch as your body stretches, your perspective changes, you grow from the inside out as you get to know yourself."


Healthy Weight Gain

Tugay struggled to gain weight for years, having inherited a very thin physique from her mother. "I actually gained weight for a few years," she says. "Likewise, from the age of 17 to the beginning of my 30s, I was always 47 kg (103 pounds). At that stage, I struggled a little to gain weight; I achieved this with formulas such as consuming fish oil, milk and dairy products a lot, and eating late at night. Now I am trying to maintain this weight."

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