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Mishel Gerzig in Bathing Suit is in "Ibiza"

Here’s how this model stays fit and toned.

Israeli model Mishel Gerzig is having a glorious time in beautiful Ibiza, Spain. The wife of Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois shared envy-inspiring pictures of her vacation, including a snap of herself running in the crystal-clear surf wearing an aquamarine bikini. "I B I Z A 🐚🐬🦋," she captioned the social media update. Another picture showed her and Courtois holding hands at the beach. Courtois clearly approved of the pictures, commenting "I love you!" on the post. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Gerzig stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


Exercise Every Day

Gerzig tries to get some sort of exercise every day. "This includes sets, stretches, movement," she says. "[Exercise is] an inseparable part of day-to-day life. I love to incorporate exercise into my life and mix it up – walking, hiking, biking, skiing. I can certainly say it is a big part of life." When she wants chocolate, she has it. "A bit of everything without getting carried away by anything. When you feel good on the inside it shows on the outside, and vice versa. Balance is the name of the game."


Sleep Health

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Gerzig tries to get good-quality sleep, but admits it's not always easy. "Sleep is something that's important to me and if it were up to me, I would sleep 8.5-9 hours a night," she says. "But that doesn't always happen, because of my partner's kids, work, and travel. If I sleep five hours, I'm a bit of a zombie."


Never Skipping Meals

Gerzig never skips lunch, making sure she gets enough rest on busy days. "My day starts after coffee and a workout," she says. "I go to meetings but make time for a lunch break. We always eat lunch together at home because Thibaut comes back from a workout. After an hour and a half break I go on with my schedule. This break resets me and allows me to effectively continue the day."


Supplements and Healthy Food

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Gerzig takes supplements to support her healthy lifestyle. "I believe in dietary supplements and make sure to take B12, Iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Omega 3 regularly, even though I consume all the nutrients," she says. "I don't have a set menu. I believe in eating what the body needs. There is a definite connection between the mind and body. If my mind feels like it wants a pancake now, that's what I'll eat for breakfast, and yes, I will balance myself out with a healthy lunch."


Coping With Anxiety

Gerzig has learned to deal with anxiety after being discharged from the IDF. "I had no idea that getting discharged from such a meaningful role in the army would make me feel empty and insignificant in life," she says. "I didn't know what was happening to me. I suffered from shortness of breath, numbness all over my body, rapid pulse, my eyes would go black. I had the feeling that I was going to die, that I was having a heart attack… I went on with my work, I didn't give up. I learned to practice breathing and talk to myself in front of the mirror through affirmations."

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