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'90s Icon Natasha Henstridge Shares Swimsuit Photo of "Happy Sunday"

She’s 49 and fabulous.

Actress Natasha Henstridge is taking advantage of the warm California weather by taking a vacation right at home in Los Angeles. Henstridge, 49, shared a selfie of herself relaxing in a bright bikini and straw sun hat, holding a cold cocktail. "Happy weekend! September never felt so good! Love a staycation… not much driving, but entirely different experience and environment! Shoutout to for creating such masterpieces and keeping the Sun off my face! And @shuttersca for the lovely classic accommodations," she captioned the post. Henstridge has been open about her struggles throughout the years, but now she's thriving—here's how.


Pilates and Hot Yoga

Henstridge swears by Pilates and hot yoga to stay fit and toned. "I sometimes work with a trainer, then take breaks," she says. "I'm really not a fan at all of the gym so it's tough for me to stay on that path too long. I'm really an outdoorsy person, so if it's mountain biking, or something that makes it feel like I'm not exercising, that's always my preference. And I try to eat well and clean. I certainly feel so much better when I do, however sugar is a tough one for me; I'm sort of always tempted by it and struggling to avoid it. Otherwise, I love to cook and I do about five days a week. I certainly like my occasional glass of wine, I've been blessed with the moderation gene, though."


No More Fad Diets

Henstridge says fad diets caused harm in the past, and now focuses on a healthy diet and exercise to stay fit and happy. "I've done some things that probably weren't the smartest things in the world," she said. "All of a sudden, when you decide to go clean, things are changing in your body because [you've] done a bit of damage. My body has definitely gone through a change since coming off all the crazy yo-yo stuff."


Kickboxing and Martial Arts


Henstridge lives making Ghosts of Mars because of how physical the role was.  "I loved the experience of making the film. It was just brilliant," she says. "I was happy to get to work with a legend like John Carpenter… I really loved making the film because I'd just had a young kid and now I get to train all the time and do all this kickboxing and martial arts and all of that, and being a chick action star is pretty cool. That part of it, I loved it! That part was pretty awesome."


Autoimmune Issues

Henstridge struggles with autoimmune disease, which makes it hard to exercise and lose weight. "I was diagnosed with a thyroid disorder a few years ago and it turns, out upon further investigation, that it was Hashimoto's disease," she says. "It's an autoimmune disease that can wreak havoc on your body in many different ways, but one of the more visible side effects is weight gain. As a result, I don't burn off extra calories easily. I try quite hard to maintain even the size I'm at now."


Skin Protection

Henstridge takes care of her skin and protects it from sun damage. "I also use Vitamin C Serum on my face every day and have for years, combined with SPF of 30 or more daily," she says. "I get monthly facials by a genius facialist who works out of her home, called Donna Lee, and I swear she takes years off me when I go regularly. Also now that I'm in my 40s, for a couple months of the year – usually in the fall – I use a Retinol product that sloughs off a few extra layers."

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