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Nicole Williams English Shares Swimsuit Photo Saying "This Year … Blessings"

Here’s how this model stays in shape. 

Sports Illustrated model Nicole Williams English is enjoying the sun, sea, and surf in beautiful Miami, Florida, with husband Larry English and their baby daughter India. English, 35, shared pictures and video of herself wearing a purple swimsuit, posing on the balcony of an oceanfront location. "This year … blessings ✨," she captioned the post. "You're definitely blessed !!!🔥" a fan commented. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways English stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


Weight Training Exercises

Nicole Williams English/Instagram

English uses light weights to get her slim and toned physique. "You only get one life, so take care of your body and your health and you'll be so much happier, that's how I see it!" she says. "Honestly, I'm like most people, I hate working out! But when I do I feel great and it motivates me. I also love to help others by sharing my workouts. Thankfully I have good genetics so I'm very slim and I hardly gain weight. But I like to train to keep my stomach tight and to keep weight on other areas. I do light weights and a lot of ab workouts and squats."


Coconut Water

Nicole Williams English/Instagram

English is a big fan of hydrating, nutritious coconut water when she is on the go. "I love my coconut water!" she says. "I get migraines so the coconut water helps me stay hydrated throughout the day while I'm on the go. VitaCoco and Harmless Harvest are a few of my favorites."


Recording Her Workouts

Nicole Williams English/Instagram

English records her workouts to help focus on her form and keep her motivated. "I record my workouts!" she says. "I find that it makes me really push hard because I want the video to be great so I just blast the music and when I watch my videos to the music it makes me very motivated! I'm more into light weights. I like to keep a strong lean build. Strong legs and butt are what I work on the most. I've never really liked yoga… I like to move and do different things because I get bored fast and cardio is the devil lol."


Working On Healthy Habits

Nicole Williams English/Instagram

English admits she wishes her workouts were more of a lifestyle than something she does for work. "I feel like I work out when I have something coming up and when I feel like I'm falling off and I need that extra push, but I don't implement that in my life on a daily basis," she says. "I think that I could be healthier, I could be a healthier human being if I worked out and exercised on a weekly basis, or daily basis throughout the week, and made it a habit. And so that would be a part of my lifestyle. But right now I just work out when I feel like I need to, versus knowing that it will be beneficial to my life if it's a part of my lifestyle."


Mental Health and Happiness

Nicole Williams English/Instagram

English loves spending time with animals. "Honestly, I would like to be able to fit in more days that I can spend with animals," she says. "I know that's one thing that makes me super happy. I don't think about any stress when I'm around animals. So I feel like if I could volunteer or go to shelters and just take the dogs for a walk, play with them, that would be amazing."

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