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Nina Dobrev Shares Swimsuit Photos From Cabo

Here’s what her wellness routine looks like.

Nina Dobrev is celebrating the bachelorette of her BFF Mary Miller in beautiful Cabo, Mexico. Dobrev, 34, shared highlights from the trip, including pictures of herself posing in the water in a bright pink swimsuit and sun hat. She also shared a boomerang of herself sipping on a drink while wearing a brown and white bikini in the pool. "First stop: Cabo 🏝️ next stop: pool, third stop: celebrate," she captioned the post. Dobrev of course looked stunning in her pictures—here are five ways the actress stays strong, healthy, and fit.


Coffee and Pilates


Dobrev starts her day with coffee, cereal, and Pilates. "First thing I do is make coffee," she says. "A strong coffee with almond milk. That and cuddle Maverick. My go-to meal before work is: I love Three Wishes cereal. The honey flavor to be specific. It's fast and healthy! I love Pilates. It makes me feel so good. I go to a studio and/or I have a reformer at home and zoom with my private instructor."


Fitness and Confidence

Dobrev loves the way working out gives her confidence and supports her overall health. "When I workout I feel good," she says. "I don't know if it's the endorphins that get released or taking time for me. I don't think people give enough time to themselves, me-time is almost non-existent anymore. So in that 30 minutes, 45, however long you're in the workout class you're focusing on you and you're doing something for yourself and to make yourself feel better. Not only does it change your body and make you look better, it also makes you feel better… That way your confidence will shine through, through fitness. One other thing I do, especially now that I've been working with Reebok and Les Mills, I go to Les Mills Classes with my girlfriends."


Working Out On-the-Go


Dobrev never travels without the right workout gear. "No matter where I go or where I am I always bring workout clothes," she says. "There are so many great athleisure brands now, like Alo, that you can wear it just in life and you can also wear it to workout and you feel cute. When you feel cute, you want to work out. Definitely resistance bands. You can take them anywhere and they take up no space in your suitcase. You could do a little circuit outside or in your hotel room or at your home. Anywhere. I love resistance bands."


More Calories

Dobrev has actually upped her calorie intake for health and wellness. "The older I get the more I realize that the more healthy you are in your choices, like I probably eat more now," she says. "I probably eat more now because I've learned it's healthier to eat meals more frequently and that will sustain your metabolism. So it's things like that, learning about biology and nutrition. So I have a higher caloric intake throughout the day, and I feel better. It's about knowledge and education. I wish they taught that earlier so people could learn to do the right things for their bodies, and not fall into bad patterns."


Changing Workouts

Dobrev has switched up her workouts and diet as she gets older, adjusting to her specific needs. "I have to do it a lot more the more… the older I get," she says. "I used to be able to inhale anything, and it wouldn't make any difference. And now I just have to be more regimented with my diet and my routine." Dobrev's least favorite exercise is burpees, and her favorite is dancing. "You're doing the cardio, but you don't feel like you're doing the work, 'cause your mind is distracted because you're having a blast."

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