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Peyton List in Bathing Suit is "So Beautiful"

Here are the “Cobra Kai” star’s secrets.

Actress Peyton List began her career in the 2007 romantic comedy, 27 Dresses. She then was hired by the Disney Channel, starring in the TV series, Jessie, and Bunk'd. But fans worldwide now know her from the Netflix series, Cobra Kai, a sequel to the popular Karate Kid films. She's also breaking into the beauty business, recently launching her own product line, Pley Beauty. The swimsuit photo she shared today proves she is, in the words of one commenter, "so beautiful." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Peyton List stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Loves STRONG Nation

When she was cast in Cobra Kai, List naturally had to learn some martial arts, and get into shape. She tells Hello! Magazine that she turned to the STRONG-Nation program to help her prepare. "When I'm off set, I'll take STRONG Nation's high-intensity martial arts inspired classes, specifically with their master trainer, Ai Lee Syarief, who is a worldwide karate champion," List says. "It doesn't require weights and is a full-body workout. It helps keep me motivated and in shape on my breaks."


She Uses Products That Are Good For Her Skin

Michael Kovac/Getty Images

List talked about the process of creating her beauty line with Teen Vogue. She says that she wanted the products to not only make your skin look good, but make it feel healthy. "I wanted to have that duality of something that has pigment but is also good for our skin. I love foundations with SPF, [products] that almost feel like two steps in one."


She's An Activist

Andrew Chin/Getty Images

List has become an activist over the past few years, and has lent her voice to certain causes on Instagram. She has made posts supporting feminism, social distancing, the Black Lives Matter movement, and encouraging her followers to vote in the elections.


She Spends Time Outside

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

One look at List's Instagram account, and you will know that she loves to spend a lot of time outside. She has posted photos of herself going on a walk, swinging, and enjoying the scenery


She Loves Yoga, Sometimes With Her Dog

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

List is a fan of practicing yoga, and she sometimes has company when she's doing so. List posted this photo of herself on Instagram in a yoga pose by the pool, with a little furry companion alongside her. She captioned the photo, "Lil workout with my foster baby Maya."

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