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Pixie Lott in Bikini Hits Ibiza in New Photos: "Good Morning!"

Here’s what her workouts and diet look like.

British singer and actress Pixie Lott is having what looks like the best vacation in gorgeous Ibiza, Spain. Lott, 32, shared some sneak peeks of her holiday, including snaps of her posing on a yacht in a lime-green bikini against a beautiful ocean background. She also posted a picture of herself taking a bathroom selfie in a gold ruffled one-piece swimsuit, with the text "Good Morning!" How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Lott stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


Balanced Diet

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Lott makes an effort to focus on a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. She doesn't follow any restrictive fads, but prefers to eat more fish than red meat. "I don't diet but I try to be good generally," she says. "I make sure I have my five a day. I wouldn't deprive myself of anything, though. I had a good, substantial breakfast today of avocado on toast with eggs, which keeps me going."


Weight Training

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Lott attends gym sessions and classes at Roar Fitness, and credits the gym with changing her attitude to exercise. "I never used to work out but I've started this new gym class round the corner [from where I live] and it involves weights," she says. "I go three times a week. It's not about losing weight but to be strong and being a strong woman."


Dancing Workouts

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Lott developed a love for dance after starring in Strictly Come Dancing. "I love, love dancing and this summer I toured with Trent Whiddon, my Strictly dance partner," she says. "Dancing is a great all-over body workout, but you really enjoy it so it doesn't feel like exercise. I was the fittest I have ever been, but the BBC catering is just too tempting and you get hungry when you dance all day long. This summer I was in much better shape because I was in Los Angeles writing songs for my next album and I did this incredible workout called Pure Barre mornings and evenings. It's dance and ballet based and I really enjoyed it."


Home Cooking and Lots of Water

Pixie Lott/Instagram

Lott relies on her partner for healthy delicious home cooking. "[Husband Oliver Cheshire] is a great cook, which is handy because I'm terrible," she says. "For breakfast he'll whip up something healthy and nutritious, like avocado on toast with some fresh fruit. My beauty regime isn't too crazy, I just make sure I cleanse and moisturize my skin with Linda Meredith products before putting my make-up on. I also drink loads of water throughout the day to make sure I've got a healthy glow."


Passion and Self-Confidence

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Lott has learned self-confidence is the ultimate beauty hack. "I think I have definitely learnt a lot about myself over the years," she says. "Mainly that I am a positive person, laid back but very hard working and determined at the same time. I am also very passionate about the things I love, like my family. I feel like the older I get the more I learn who I am! I definitely learnt loads while I was growing up as I went to performing art school. It taught me tons of things about performances, gave me confidence and it really made me who I am today."

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