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Pro Boxer Christina Hammer Shares Swimsuit Photo "Enjoying the Little Things"

She loves balancing strength with femininity.

German professional boxer Christina Hammer is taking a step back from the ring to enjoy some peace and quiet in Ibiza, Spain. Hammer, 33, shared an Instagram video of herself posing in a bikini and skirt while overlooking the town, against a gorgeous island sunset background. "Enjoy the little things in life. Going full throttle is good, relaxing is just as important, many people forget the balance between working and enjoying life, money does not give you your time back, so enjoy the little moment, this sunset 😍🙏🏼🌊🔥," she captioned the post. Here's the intense lifestyle that earns Hammer her downtime.


Boxing Family


Hammer started boxing very early in life. "My whole family is very athletic and loves boxing," she says. "My uncle started boxing in the gym. I tagged along a few times and instantly fell in love with the sport. I was born in Kazakhstan; we immigrated to Germany when I was one year old. I basically grew up in Germany and always had the support of my family to pursue what I love and I always loved sports! Ironically the sport that I excelled in was boxing; meanwhile my brother played the very popular sport in Germany, soccer or football, as we call it here. I had a great childhood; I didn't box to get out of poverty and although we emigrated to Germany, I never lived in the ghetto and boxing is not a 'way out.'"


Cool Activewear

Hammer loves that she doesn't have to choose between fashion and functionality.  "I think it is cool that activewear is becoming more fashionable," she says. "This lets me blend the two parts of my personality and lifestyle. I like that I can mix some of my gym clothes with my everyday wardrobe to create a unique personal style. I also think it is great how boxing has become a popular sport for women to get in shape. Especially since being in shape makes you feel more powerful in your life."


Confidence In Herself

Hammer is confident about her abilities—and makes sure everyone knows it. "I love to train and always make sure I am in peak condition," she says. "I have good size, height and reach. My jab and my footwork are the best in the division. I believe boxing is the best sport in the world and emphasizes speed, strength, technique, tactics. You have to use your intelligence and physical advantages together every moment. My looks outside the ring is a statement about the duality of boxing. I am a beast in the ring and a beauty in the street!"


Embracing Femininity

Hammer embraces being both strong and feminine. "Attitudes towards femininity are changing for the positive," she says. "People are realizing that women can be both feminine and strong! When I'm in the ring I don't wear make-up. I stay focused and train to be the best boxer. I feel great as an athlete yet there are two sides to me. When I step into the ring I feel like a champion and a 'beast'. I want to dominate my opponent. Outside of professional boxing I'm a young woman who loves fashion, makeup, shoes… I am comfortable being both strong and sexy."


Role Model

Hammer loves representing women in sports, especially one that has traditionally been male-dominated. "I do love boxing because I fight for my dreams, literally and figuratively," she says. "As a woman, success, specifically in the ring, on an elite level, I know is empowering, not only for me but for women from all over the world who watch me perform in the ring, in prime venues televised on major networks all over the world."

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