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Sailor Brinkley Cook in Bathing Suit Has Another "Trip Around the Sun"

Here are 6 ways she stays mentally and physically fit.

Sailor Brinkley Cook is celebrating her birthday – in her bathing suit. Christie Brinkley's daughter celebrated a landmark birthday on the beach, showing off her amazing body in a swimsuit. "I can already tell my 25th trip around the sun is going to be a joy!" she wrote in the Instagram caption. How does the model maintain a healthy lifestyle? Read on to see 6 ways Sailor Brinkley Cook stays in shape and the photos that prove they work


She Is Open About Her Mental Health Struggles

Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

In Sailor's birthday Instagram post she opened up about her mental health. "For the first birthday in quite a while I didn't catch the birthday blues. I held strongly to the belief in a version of myself that hasn't come to life yet & gave love to all the past versions that brought me here. This year I tried new things, moved through hardships with grace, celebrated my body, nourished my inner child, laughed more, cried less, became friends with the scary parts of my mind, made sure to dance at least twice a week, cherished my friendships, felt peace in my solitude, and found an incredible sense of true independence I've never felt before. My oldest & dearest friend Dillon sent me a video from 10 years ago (last slide) the other day and I couldn't help but feel so proud of that sweet 15 year old Sailor who did everything for everyone else. Well, 10 years later and I can truly & honestly say you did the work and are doing it all for yourself now. & I can't wait to see what the next 10 years have in store," she wrote in her message of self-love. 


She Exercises

"In general, I try to work out every day. A normal workout would start with cardio. I'm a big runner—I try to run two miles a day. Then I work out with my trainer at Work Train Fight, doing HIIT workouts like burpees and lunges. If I need a day off, I'll do yoga or something low-intensity," Sailor told InStyle. If she has a shoot coming up she will "work out like an athlete," she said. "I add on weight training, I box, and really push my muscles," focusing on her abs.


She Hydrates

Sailor makes sure to drink enough water. "You want to be hydrated because it shows up in the way your skin looks, in the way that your body looks, in the way that you're acting and feeling," she told InStyle. "24 hours before a shoot, I'm drinking a crazy amount of water—I'm talking like three gallons."


She Eats "As Clean As Possible"

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"I eat as clean as possible," Sailor revealed to InStyle. "Lots of lean protein. I'm vegan so I can't have grilled chicken or salmon, but I go for salads with quinoa and beans and fresh vegetables and then something light, like a sautéed vegetable dish, for dinner."


She Walks

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Sailor also enjoys walking, not only for her body but also her mind. "I think that's a really underrated thing people don't do enough when they're feeling stressed out. Especially in the city, I'll put my phone in my pocket, put my headphones in, and I'll just play my favorite music and take a walk around the city. You just see all these different people of all different walks of life, and the art on the streets, and little fluffy dogs. All these little things remind you that, Okay, we're all in this together, we're going through it, you've got to make the best of it. That really helps me a lot when I'm feeling chaotic," she told Glamour


She Lights Candles

"I have this connection to candles because I always feel like they represent a moment of self-care for me," Sailor recently told People. "I'm never really casually lighting a candle. I'll light a candle with the intention of getting cozy and feeling calm." She added: "I knew that hopefully they would bring anyone else that deals with a restless mind these moments of feeling grounded and feeling present and calm and setting your intentions. Each of these candles really brings a great, calm moment to my day."

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