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Selma Blair in Bathing Suit is "Mad About You"

Here’s how she stays so fit.

Selma Blair is channeling Belinda Carlisle – in her swimsuit. The actress shows off her beautiful body in a white bathing suit in one of her latest social media posts. "Mad about you," she captioned the Instagram clips. "[Video Description: Selma has bleached blonde hair and is wearing a white bathing suit while in and around a pool with her dog Scout.]" How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Selma Blair stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Changed Her Relationship with Food and Exercise


Selma maintains that going on Dancing with the Stars revamped her approach to health. She swapped out Cheetos and charcuterie with fueling meals and exercise. "It changed my relationship to food and exercise," she told Self. "I had energy and I slept well." 


She Also Learned Self-Acceptance

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She added that going on the show also helped her with self-love. "It rewired me to find acceptance in being honest about my faults, about my past addiction, and about my problems," she told Self. "It made me more empathetic towards myself."


Her Dog Is Part of Her Support System

Selma reveals that her dog is part of her support system: "He's actually my real service dog. It's unbelievable. It's embarrassing sometimes," she told Self. "It feels like I'm dating the guy from the football team. Like I finally have a cute boyfriend." 


She Prioritizes Wellness

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"In my own search for wellness, I have realized some essentials. Feeling so unwell for much of my life, I could be quite 'full on' with attaining physical health in the past. I compartmentalized. I paid attention to the aspects of wellness that would get me feeling physically lighter, like gut cleanses and nutrition—using food as medicine. But it's been feast or famine not having the stamina because of undiagnosed MS and POTS. Now that I am recovering, I have embraced the physical with the emotional, mental, financial, spiritual, and social [aspects of] wellness. COVID isolation years have been a mirror, showing me that calming my nervous system really does involve so many areas of wellness. Writing, horseback riding, or even having my service dog as my ever-constant companion, help me focus and breathe. I have lassitude and extreme fatigue, so self-motivating is a challenge. I am proud that I can manage a lifestyle where my animals can give so much comfort and energy, so I can feel supported while raising my son. It took many years and a diagnosis to stop the treadmill of searching behind closed doors. Perspective and wellness are [both] reassuring," Selma told Coveteur.


She Gets Massages

"I am in the process of learning rituals that work for me. My wellness routine definitely involves makeup, cleansers, and lymphatic massages to move all the groggy cellular debris that wind up in my jowls," Selma told Coveteur. She also rides her horse, drinks "more water than I ever dreamed of," keeps her movements "smaller and more fluid by playing and working on training with my dog is a big part of keeping me moving and grounded. Little tricks move the needle for me more now. I stopped my constant coffee drinking all day in lieu of this sports tea used by climbers. I have a tablespoon of sea moss jelly every morning and evening. I must swim as much as possible, in the ocean or in my cold pool. [First thing in the morning] I jump in; I need the shock."

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