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Sofía Vergara Shares Swimsuit Photo Begging "Let Summer Not End"

Here are the Colombian star’s top beauty tips.

Sofía Vergara is wishing for an endless summer in her swimsuit. In one of her latest social media post the newly single Colombian actress shows off her incredible body and ageless beauty, lounging by the pool with her pals in a brightly hued bathing suit. "Que no se acabe el summer!" she captioned the series of Instagram snaps, which translates to "Don't let the summer end." How does the 51-year-old keep herself looking forever young? Here are some of her top beauty tips. 


She Wears SPF

Vergara, who recently launched her Toty beauty line, stresses the importance of using SPF. Growing up in Colombia near the Caribbean sea, "The plan was always 'go to the beach.'" But, she admits, "We did it the wrong way. We didn't know about protecting ourselves — we [applied] coconut oil. It was like frying a chicken," she told People. However, in the 1990s she learned about the importance of SPF. "It clicked in me," she said. 


She Spends 1.5 Hours Doing Her Makeup


Vergara admits she spends a lot of time getting gorgeous. "I wish I could tell you, 'Oh I like it when I just wake up, and my hair is this.' No! I like it when I've done an hour and a half of hair and makeup. More is more!" She added: "I'm always very put together. I've been doing my same makeup since I was 15. I've never really loved a lot of foundation or contouring, but I always have eyeliner on, and lashes and lipstick. Even in the morning I put it on. That's my thing, and of course my sunscreen with the color."


She Embraces Aging


Vergara also embraces aging. "I do see changes that I don't like, but I try not to focus on them. I'm also now very grateful that I understood to use sun protection when I was younger, because I think that's why I feel good now with the way I look. That's what I tell my niece!"


She Eats Her Way to Great Skin

Sofia maintains that she relies on a beauty diet. "I eat a lot of vegetables, and I eat blueberries, and I drink green tea," she told Health. "I add a spoon of powdered collagen to chamomile tea at night—I don't know what that does but I do it! And I try to drink lots of water." She called hydration "the most important part of any beauty routine," she added. 


She Incorporates Oil

Oil is part of the star's beauty routine. "After I wash at night, I've been using a calendula oil—it's good for sensitive skin and has really been calming my skin. It's really oily and nice, so I put it everywhere," Vergara told Health in 2018. She also revealed to Us in 2017 that she sleeps in saran wrap "and [applies] coconut oil everywhere.

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