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Stacy Keibler in Swimsuit Poses in Pool With JoAnna Garcia Swisher and Friends

Here’s how this actress stays fit and healthy.

Stacy Keibler is enjoying the summer sun with a group of girlfriends in beautiful Cabo, Mexico. Keibler, 43, is seen posing in the pool wearing a bright swimsuit and straw hat, alongside pals Jamie-Lynn Sigler and JoAnna Garcia Swisher. "It was a hard secret to keep, but I will never forget the look on my friends' faces when they realized I surprised them and made it to Cabo!" Keibler captioned a social media update. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Keibler stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


Bouncing Back From Baby

Keibler worked out during and after her pregnancies, easing into exercise and eating a healthy diet. "I feel strong, flexible, and very high energy," she says. "In fact, my abs are in better shape now than before I got pregnant! What I put into my body was the biggest single thing that helped me get back in shape. After having Ava, I took my midwife's advice and waited four weeks to let my body heal before working out again. The day I was cleared to exercise, I started walking and working with my trainer Nonna [Gleyzer] to properly re-attach my ab muscles."


Walking and Resistance Bands

Keibler prefers low-impact exercises using resistance bands on a mat. She also focuses on lots of movement by walking whenever she gets the chance. "Pregnant or not, fitness doesn't have to be daunting," she says. "Simply incorporating a walk into your day, whether short or long, can help your body feel a connection to your mind, which is a powerful thing."


Spinning and Hiking

Keibler is passionate about staying active and genuinely enjoys her workouts. "I go to Barry's Bootcamp, I spin, I hike, I do Pilates, I go down to the beach, I try to mix it up so I never get bored," she says. "Even if it's just doing jumping jacks for 10 minutes at home, it's important to keep your body moving."


Organic Diet and Lymphatic Brushing


Keibler is a firm believer in a healthy diet and sweating every day. "I believe that you are what you eat, so I try to eat a lot of organic vegetables and fruits," she says. "My fitness tip is to try and sweat every single day… even if you can only do jumping jacks for ten minutes in your house, and that's all you can get in. I've actually just gotten into lymphatic brushing. That is really, really great to get your cells moving and your lymphatic system moving and you'll see a difference."


Keeping a Healthy Balance

Keibler incorporates meditation for mental and emotional as well as physical health. "I'm a big believer in maintaining a balance between body, mind and spirit," she says. "Take some time to meditate and restore your mind, even if it's just five minutes a day. It's so good for your overall being!"


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