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Taylor Swift in Bathing Suit Says "See You Tonight"

Here’s how she has energy for those amazing performances.

Taylor Swift fans have plenty to be thrilled about lately—not only is the superstar on an incredible world tour, but she recently invited ex-boyfriend Taylor Lautner on stage to debut the music video for Speak Now (Taylor's Version). Suffice it to say the singer has been busy, but she's still taking time to relax and recharge with her loved ones. Swift, 33, shared a picture of herself posing on the grass in a violet bikini, surrounded by friends also wearing swimsuits. "Happy belated Independence Day from your local neighborhood independent girlies 😎See you tonight Kansas City," she captioned the post. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Swift stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


Always In Her Fridge

Swift says there are certain foods that are always in her fridge. "Eggs. I love making buckwheat crepes with ham, Parmesan cheese, and a fried egg on top. It's my go-to breakfast," she says. "2. Thinly sliced ham and chicken from the deli. I like to always have the option to make someone a sandwich. 3. Orange juice. I drink it with breakfast every morning. 4. Diet Coke. Because it understands me. 5. Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. 6. There's always some sort of binge food–like a tube of cinnamon rolls or a giant tub of cookie dough. Because I'm that girl."


Hiking and Dancing

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Swift loves dance-based workouts, hiking, and running. "When you're dressed for success, hiking is a great total-body workout," says Michael Bednarz, DPM, FACFAS, a podiatric surgeon at Piedmont. "It strengthens the large muscles in your body, while stimulating the feel-good chemical hormones of adrenaline and endorphins that boost your mood and energy levels."


Grilled Proteins and Vegetables

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Swift loves cooking and baking at home whenever she gets the chance (which isn't much these days!). "When I figured out how to work my grill, it was quite a moment," she says. "I discovered that summer is a completely different experience when you know how to grill. I love to make burgers, grilled chicken with different marinades, garlic green beans, carrots and broccoli."


No Partying

Taylor Hill/TAS23/Getty Images

Swift is not a fan of the alcohol-fueled nightlife and avoids it. Not only for health, but for the example she sets young fans. "I'm not a party girl, because that's not where my interests are," she says. "I really do factor that into the decisions I make, and it's always a huge part of my thought process. In the last two years while I've been on my first headlining tours, I look into the crowd and I see all of these faces, and some of them are little. I remember when I was that age, and the choices that my favorite singers were making really mattered to me. I can't block that out, and I don't want to."


No To Tanning, Yes To SPF

Swift protects her skin from the sun—even at the cost of having a tan. "I don't mind being pale," she says. "In high school, it seemed like everybody cared about being tan all year round, but I haven't really thought about it since then. I don't go to a tanning bed, and I get bored when I lay out. I put sunscreen on when I'm in the sun and sometimes I get tan, but I don't really think about it very much."

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