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The Cavinder Twins in Bathing Suits Say "Let Me Love You"

Here are 5 ways they stay in shape.

The Cavinder Twins are TikToking – in their swimsuits. Haley and Hanna Cavinder flaunt their amazing bodies in bathing suits in one of their latest social media posts, dancing to the tune of Jason Derulo's Slow Low. "The dolphin is still the go too," they captioned the TikTok post with their 4.5 million followers. How do they stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Haley and Hanna Cavinder stay in shape and the photos that prove they work.


They Start the Day with Daily Affirmations

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The girls recently shared a YouTube video detailing their health habits. They revealed that starting their day off with "no screen time," "God's word," and devotionals is a key part of their mental health. "I showed you guys like daily affirmations. I got a whole bunch of stuff like that for Christmas from Hailey and other people. So that's number one is what we try to do in the morning. It's less screen time."


They Hydrate

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Another health habit of the Cavinder Twins? They "drink water by itself" in the morning. Not only do they "chug water right when we wake up," but focus on hydrating throughout the day. According to the Mayo Clinic, hydration is important for a variety of reasons. Water helps get rid of waste through urination, perspiration, and bowel movements, keeps your temperature normal, lubricates and cushions joints, and helps protect sensitive tissues.


Their Diet Is Packed with Protein


Because Hanna and Haley are athletes, they make sure to pack a lot of protein into their diet. The girls add protein powder into pancakes and oatmeal, which not only tastes great but fuels them up. They also focus their diet around "good protein, veggies, carbs, to focus on things that make our body feel good on the court, off the court and just overall throughout our whole life."


They Aim for 10,000 Steps

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Hanna and Haley also keep track of their steps. "Another healthy habit that we try to do, even after a game, after anything, is to get a workout in get your body moving. Like I just love to move my body even like on an active rest day," the girls revealed. "I always try to get my 10,000 steps. It's not only good like physically but mentally. Like it's something that's really important. And I think like even just going outside, like moving, seeing the sunlight, like seeing the sunlight, like it just like helps and brings serotonin into your life."


They Do Hard Core Ab Workouts

This week the girls revealed their "killer ab workout" on Instagram. They do 2-3 rounds of the following:

  1. Standing Overhead Marches = 10 EL
  2. Weighted Russian Twists = 15 each way
  3. Leg lifts= 20 total
  4. Weighted dead bug = 10 EL
  5. Weight Hollow Hold = 30 sec
  6. Hollow Hold = 30 sec
  7. Reverse Plank to chest = 10 each leg


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