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Vanessa Williams Proudly Shows Off Bikini at 58

This how the stunning star stays in such great shape.

Vanessa Williams, 58, is proudly showing off her bikini body. On Tuesday, the singer and actress revealed her incredibly fit figure while modeling a white swimsuit. "Are we doing bikini shots in our early 50s? Ok," she captioned the stunning shot. How does Vanessa stay in such great shape? Her approach to diet and fitness is much more relaxed than you would think. Celebwell has rounded up some of her top tips and tricks. Read on—and don't miss these photos of other Women Over 50 Looking Fabulous in Bikinis


She Doesn't Obsess Over Weight

Vanessa revealed to WebMD that she has a very relaxed approach to health. "I listen to my body. I don't weigh myself. I'm not obsessed with pounds — if I feel good in my clothes, I feel good. If my clothes start to get tight, I know I've got to modify what I'm eating."


She Stays Active

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Vanessa told ABC News that "staying active" daily is her secret to staying in shape. "I try to do something everyday, whether it's taking a class or jumping on the treadmill. Also, yoga, just trying to keep moving for sure."


She Loves Pilates

Williams has been a longtime Pilates devotee, training with Mari Winsor for decades. When the Pilates pro died in 2020, she wrote her a moving tribute on Instagram sharing their history, revealing that she introduced her to the workout in 1987.


She Cleanses


Vanessa is a fan of "juicing, hot water and lemon — those are all great cleansers to keep you hydrated … now a days it's so easy to get organic products. whether they are seaweed snacks or anything," she told ABC News. 


She Likes to Walk

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Vanessa told Prevention that her favorite outdoor workout is walking. "I walk outside. It makes you feel alive. I live in a wooded, hilly area, so it's great to be able to go outside on a gorgeous day and see the neighborhood. Bring a couple of dogs with you and it turns into an adventure," she said. 


Her Diet Is All About Moderation

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Vanessa revealed to WebMD that she doesn't deprive herself when it comes to food. "I enjoy food. I enjoy good wine. I enjoy good, hot, fresh bread if I'm in France, with a nice slab of ridiculously delicious butter. So, especially when I travel, I always try to eat what's local and what's good. I try not to overindulge, and if I do, I have enough discipline to get back on the routine to better health."

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