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Victoria Silvstedt in Bathing Suit Has "Summer Vibes"

Chocolate and red wine: How to stay fit the Silvstedt way.

Victoria Silvstedt is soaking up the sunshine at the Côte d'Azur, on the beautiful French Riviera (where else would a Swedish supermodel vacation?). Silvstedt, 48, shared pictures of herself posing in a powder-blue ruffled bikini, against a gorgeous background of blue skies, pool, and ocean. "Summer Vibes 🦋, she captioned the shot. "Perfect in this swimsuit! Enjoy summer vibes," a fan commented. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Silvstedt stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


Pilates and Power Walks

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Silvstedt has a set routine when she's at home, but stays active wherever she is. "I only keep my training routine when I'm in Monaco," she says. "When I'm in New York I walk a lot and in Cannes I run around in high heels, so that becomes my exercise. When I'm at home in Monaco, I do Pilates two to three times a week, both mat Pilates and with Reformer. I supplement it with power walks and hikes by the sea or in the mountains around Monaco."


She Enjoys the Good Things

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Silvstedt eats whatever she wants, but—of course—in moderation. "I'm in the best shape of my life," she says. "But I like the good things in life. Every day I eat a huge breakfast, then pasta for lunch, but I stay away from carbs in the evening. And then I drink a glass of red wine almost every night. And I have to have my daily dose of chocolate!  I like to drink champagne and have a glass of wine. And I love Tequila shots, the Patrón brand is my favorite."


Yoga and Skiing


Silvstedt says living in the warm climate of Monaco encourages her to stay in shape year-round. "I feel best by being active," she says. "It ranges from Pilates, gym, yoga, to walking or skiing," she says. "Then it's the case that I'm in warm climates most of the year and wear a bikini, then you can't eat too much because the stomach gets so swollen. I think it's easier to keep the weight off if you have to wear a bikini often. If I were to live in Sweden in the winter, I would eat all the time and probably put on a lot of weight. When I'm at home, we have coffee and cozy up all the time!"


Not Competing With 20-Year-Olds

Silvstedt is content with her incredible career so far. "I'm completely satisfied with what I've already managed to achieve career-wise and I'm happy with who I am," she says. "It's not like I'm trying to be 20 and compete with the young hot girls, not at all. Should I not get any more assignments – so what? I can retire tomorrow, no problem. That I care about my appearance is not a requirement from the industry or anyone else, I have always liked to keep myself fresh."


Summer Wellness

Silvstedt loves swimming and other summer activities, but makes sure not to let her hair or skin be damaged by pool chemicals or too much sun exposure. "I avoid dipping my hair in pool water," she says. "I wear a hat when I sunbathe, or I lie under a parasol. – I protect my face as much as possible. SPF 30, then makeup concealer with SPF 30 and a light bronzing powder that protects. Of course I will come to Sweden this summer!"


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