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Nicole Scherzinger Shares Swimsuit Photo From Austria

Here are her beauty hacks for looking forever young at 45.

Nicole Scherzinger is heating up the tropics in her swimsuit. In one of her latest social media posts, the Masked Singer beauty shows off her impossibly fit figure in a bathing suit while enjoying a vacation in Austria. In her Instagram Reel she dives in the water and goes standup paddleboarding in the placid Black Sea. How does Nicole look forever young at 45? Celebwell rounded up a few of her top beauty hacks. 


She Uses a Face Massager


Nicole makes sure her skincare products penetrate her skin by using a beauty gadget. "A lot of times before I have to get ready, if I have to be on camera or something, I will put on a face mask and put on some skincare and [my face massager] will either help absorb into the skincare or just help with inflammation or bloating," she explained to Allure.


She Exfoliates Her Feet and Body

Nicole uses a lava pumice stone to exfoliate her feet, sloughing off the dead skin. "It's always great to have a little pumice stone in your bathroom to exfoliate your feet," Nicole told Allure. For the rest of her body, she uses a charcoal exfoliating cloth. "Charcoal helps pull impurities out of your skin, so I like to use that." 


She Dry Brushes


Nicole dry bushes because it's good for "draining your lymphatic system," she said. 


She Uses Coconut Oil

"I actually grew up with my family taking the coconuts from their yard [in Hawaii], extracting the oil and sending it to me here in the mainland. Now, coconut is everywhere and it's awesome," Nicole told Allure. "It's really healthy for the skin and anti-bacterial, and you can use it for your hair and skin," she added to Cosmo UK


She Calls Scent "So Therapeutic"

"Scent is so important to me," she explained, "it's so therapeutic." Her favorites are florals, including Byredo's La Tulipe, body milk by Santa Maria Novella, and essential oils with lavender and rosehip.


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