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Niecy Nash In Workout Gear Says Bungee Workout Is "So Much Fun!"

"The Betts will try ANYTHING ONCE‼️"

Claws star Niecy Nash isn't afraid to try new workouts, especially if a loved one comes along for the experience. Nash, 54, shared a video of herself wearing black workout gear, doing an indoors bungee workout with wife Jessica Betts. "What's the craziest workout you've ever tried??? 💪🏾 The Betts will try ANYTHING ONCE‼️ We were not great😅 but we had so much fun 😂 🙌🏽#bungeworkout," she captioned the fun video. "Had lots of fun," Betts commented on the post. Nash's enthusiasm is typical of her approach to life—here's what her health and wellness regimen looks like.


Meditation and Prayer

Nash starts her day with an hour to herself. "Just for myself—to stretch, to meditate, to pray, to work out, to journal, whatever the top of that day requires is the good gig," she told Parade. "It's carving out that time to be intentional with yourself. I don't really eat too early in the morning. So, in a perfect world it would be coffee first. And then it would be the preparation for day, which is spending that 60 minutes doing whatever my soul requires. You feed your soul in the morning, then you feed your body after that."


Acupuncture Sessions


Nash's wellness routine includes regular acupuncture sessions. "I've started a new life in acupuncture," she told Parade. "It's a weekly thing and that is something that I enjoy. And then I also bought an in-home or travel sauna. So maybe I cannot get down to a day spa to go sit in the sauna but I have one that I can travel with. And so, that's an end of day routine cause once I sit in that sauna, forget about it! I'm toast after that. Having acupuncture I have found to just be a lovely gift to myself. Therapy is a wonderful gift."


Pay It Forward

Nash does her best to help others succeed in the entertainment business. "The assignment is to be of service," she told NPR. "So who, how can you serve in this place? … So if I get somebody cast as a [production assistant] or like in Claws, I've gotten people's music placed in. [The] first time that people have had their music as a part of a production or you know, find the chef and introduce him to the network and the studio, or whatever it is. I continue to pay it forward."


Self-Care and Laughter

Nash's self-care is all about relaxation and quality time with the family. "I do have a massage therapist come to me once a week," she told Parade. "So that helps. Soaking in the tub with a glass of wine is always a good go-to. My children are always up for a good time. They make me laugh so much and so sometimes, if I can't get home to where they are, I'll send for them to come to where I am. And I purposely laugh every day. I don't care what the day brings, I have to find a place for laughter and that really feeds my soul."


Bungee Workouts

Nash's choice of bungee workout is great for a low-impact exercise. Not only that, but bungee workouts combine strength training and cardio, experts say. "The bungee cord takes pressure off the joints which can improve range of motion and build muscle tone and overall strength," Board Licensed Physical Therapist Jacklyn Fulop, tells Vital Proteins.

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