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Nikki Garcia In Workout Gear Says "Always Keep Your Legs Strong"

Here are her fitness tips.

Former professional wrestler and TV personality Nikki Garcia (one half of the Bella twins along with sister Brie) may not be competing in the ring anymore, but she's still fit, strong, and fabulous. The Total Bellas star shared a video of herself wearing black leggings and a tank top, lifting weights at the gym. "So the goal is to get strong again in 2024. I miss feeling super strong. Best advice I ever got from my Kiki, who's super strong and healthy in her 90's, was always keep your legs strong, strong legs let you enjoy and keep up with every decade of your life. Amen to that! Now let's go get strong again💋💪🏼 Enjoy the weekend Bonita Army!" she captioned the post. Here's how Garcia is thriving at 40.


Pilates and Yoga

Garcia has switched from mainly powerlifting to Pilates, yoga, and barre workouts. "For me, it's definitely less weight, more power walks, and more reset movement," she told New Beauty. "It's more about toning and lengthening with body weight than using actual weight. I think that is always the one thing that will remind you of your age! The aches and all those things. I've really tried to be kinder to my body in the way of not looking at it like we're in a competition. It's not trying to have crazy abs that are popping out and biceps. It's more of just having good health. I may not look like a cover girl, but it's OK."


Biohacking Fan


Garcia loves trying new wellness trends. "It's about having a healthy lifestyle, she told Us Weekly. "[I'm] really big on biohacking — cold plunging and infrared sauna baths. I don't drink soda; I don't eat fried food unless it's french fries every now and then. I make sure to get protein and veggies in."


Meditation Every Day


Garcia and her sister both incorporate meditation into their wellness routines. "It's so important to bring meditation into it; Brie and I are in a fortunate position that we can have a life coach. That has been such a blessing for me," she told New Beauty. "Even an app like Headspace can help with that; I truly feel that it's so important to talk to someone and, sometimes, you need to have someone professional, not just friends to talk to. Sometimes, the people that love us have a hard time telling us things that we need to be told. That's why I think professionals are amazing to have in your life."


Strong Is Sexy

Garcia has learned to appreciate her strong, unique physique. "My mom [Kathy Laurinaitis]said, 'You're gonna be my age one day and will look back and be like, why didn't I appreciate that body more?'" she told Us Weekly. "[God] didn't make me a size 2 or 0. He made me curvy in a beautiful and ass-kicking way!"


40 and Fabulous

Garcia is excited about what her 40s will bring. "You get reminded of your age in the entertainment industry," she told Us Weekly. But I know what I want out of life, and I know where I'm going and I know who Nikki Garcia is. And that feels pretty damn good."

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