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Nimrat Kaur Shows Off Fit Figure "Sunday Dreaming"

She wore a red swimsuit, and the snowy scenery can be seen from the windows.

Nimrat Kaur is a successful actress. She's best known for her roles in the films Peddlers and The Lunchbox, as well as her TV roles in Homeland and Wayward Pines. She recently shared a set of photos of herself in a pool on Instagram. In it, she wore a red swimsuit, and the snowy scenery can be seen from the windows. Kaur captioned the post, "Mentally here kinda mood." How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Nimrat Kaur stays in shape and the photos that prove they work.


She Eats Healthy

Kaur shared some of her wellness secrets in an interview with Zee News. She says that she makes sure to eat healthy. "My day kicks off with a cup of tea sweetened with jaggery, as I've consciously minimized my sugar intake as much as practically achievable. Before my workout, I opt for fruit, and after exercising, I fuel up with oatmeal porridge containing raisins and almonds that have been soaked overnight. I also include two or three egg whites in my post-workout meal. To maintain a healthy diet, I steer clear of bread whenever possible."


She's Consistent With Wellness

Kaur tells Zee News that she makes sure to stay consistent with her wellness. "Maintaining wellness is like a two-way street for me. I've found that when my mind is in a good place, my body follows suit. Taking in the early morning light of the rising sun to give the necessary cues to the circadian rhythm of the body has been an essential go-to practice for me. Alongside, I've embraced the joy of simple things – clean eating, natural ingredients in meals and makeup. It's cliché but true, these practices reflect a radiance that goes beyond skin deep. For me, a holistic wellness mantra is the key to that natural glow we all aim for.


She Does A Variety Of Workouts

Kaur does a lot of different things to stay in shape. "A fitness tip would be to incorporate a diverse routine – functional training, yoga, and running," she told Zee News. "Avoid sticking to a rigid workout plan; instead, adapt to the environment you are in. Depending on the location and its characteristics, I tailor my fitness approach to blend seamlessly with my surroundings, prioritizing both fitness and well-being."


She Uses Organic Skin Products

Kaur shared some of her skincare secrets with Zee News. She says that she likes to use organic products. "When on a tight schedule, less is always more. Indulge in organic hassle-free skincare and makeup like a moisturizing multitasking product or a tinted bb cream for a fresh quick look and opt for natural ingredients like kumkumadi or plant-based vegan oils and serums to replenish deep into the skin layers, providing lasting hydration. For me, even a simple swirl of kajal can brighten your entire look. I swear by Kohl, it instantly defines my eyes, providing a fresh look."


She Does Yoga

Kaur shared her favorite exercise with ELLE. "Yoga tops the chart. It is a beautiful combination of your mind and body. As a fan of yoga, I love meditating, and doing Kriya Yog—a half an hour breathing technique that has really centered me. Kriya Yog has made me aware that the only way to control our mind is by bringing attention to your breath. Your breath is the only action you are involved in involuntarily all your life. In any situation that is adverse, it is your breathing what changes, so if you bring your mind to your breath you are actually just centering your mind. The Breathe app on my Apple Watch is aligned to this philosophy, and I use it once every hour of the day."

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