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Nina Dobrev In Yoga Gear Shares Update On E-Bike Accident

“I’m ok but it’s going to be a long road of recovery.”

Nina Dobrev is sharing an update with fans and followers about an e-bike accident that left her recovering in hospital with a neck brace. Dobrev, 35, shared before and after pictures of the incident—one of her wearing black Alo Yoga workout gear riding a bike, and the second of her in the hospital. "How it started vs how it's going 🤕," she captioned the post. "That's my girl! 🫠Obviously wouldn't make jokes if you were not ok," commented Julianne Hough. "I'm ok but it's going to be a long road of recovery ahead," she captioned an Instagram story selfie. Best wishes to Dobrev—let's hope she's back into her regular routine as soon as possible. Here's what it looks like.


Puppy Love

Dobrev stays fit with the help of her beloved pup Maverick. "We travel a ton and Maverick comes with me everywhere," she told New Beauty. "Whether it's New York or LA or somewhere else, being with her is great exercise for me. It's obviously important exercise for her, too. It's a great way to get out of the house and have a moment to decompress. I like to put on some music while I walk her, and it's kind of like a meditation and a great bonding moment for us."


Daily Meditation

Dobrev started meditating during the pandemic lockdowns. "I've always wanted to get into meditation, but never had time for it," she told Vogue. "If I'm being honest, I never made time for it. I was allergic to the concept and didn't understand what all the hype is about, Now, I have nothing but time, and no excuses. During quarantine, I started doing a quick 15-minute meditation every morning, first thing when I wake up. It's changed everything, and has really helped set the tone for my day."


Normalizing Imperfections

Dobrev wants to normalize people showing imperfections with their looks. "I get pimples and zits all the time and I deal with them just like anybody else, with zit cream," she told The Skincare Edit. "Sometimes I walk out of the house with the zit cream and forget about it. And that's just life, it's unpredictable and awkward and we all feel insecure all the time but that's completely normal and okay, and everybody has good days and bad days. It's especially important now to show young girls that and to make them aware that they are perfect exactly the way they are."


Summer Beauty

Dobrev is a big fan of Selena Gomez's highlighter. "There are some products that I really love for the summer," she told New Beauty. "And I just cut bangs! So, I've been using the Kevin Murphy's spray in my hair. Selena Gomez has her Rare Beauty highlighter and it is amazing. I've been mixing it into my foundation to get a glow, but I also love putting it all over my skin, too. It's really a great body makeup as well."


Sunblock Every Day

Dobrev never skips sunblock. "The last step of my skincare before I apply my makeup is Supergoop!'s Unseen Sunscreen," she told The Skincare Edit. It's super, super important to wear sunscreen to protect yourself from potentially skin cancer. It's sort of like a primer as well for your makeup, so your makeup stays on better."