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Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer In Two-Piece Workout Gear Says "Roll the Tapes"

She’s still got it.

Former Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer is giving fans a look at a typical day in her life. Palmer, 36, shared pictures of recent activities, including food, art, and work (she's making a movie). One snap shows the model wearing gray two-piece workout gear, posing against a beautiful ocean view. "Roll the tapes ☀️," she captioned the post. "Brittney, you're the bomb🙌🔥," a fan commented. Palmer may no longer be a UFC girl but she still stays fit and strong—here's how she does it.


Workout Routine

Palmer's favorite workouts are spin, Vinyasa yoga, and Muay Thai. "These workouts just work for my body type," she told FitnessGurls. "Cardio-based and they keep my heart rate up which burns more calories. My body type is a combination mesomorph/endomorph. You have to understand you are who you are. It's very hard to completely change your frame. The key is knowing your body type and doing everything you can to be the best possible YOU. I did the wrong workouts for my body type for years (under the guidance of so-called expert trainers)."


Cardio Queen

Palmer believes cardio is key. "70% is what you put in your mouth, and the rest is cardio," she told RUNWAY. "A lot of girls try a lot of different types of workouts, strength training and aerobics, but if you do a lot of cardio you'll burn fat. It's that simple. But what you eat is what your body is going to use as fuel. If you eat a cheeseburger, you won't get much fuel from that."


Superfood Fan

Palmer loves her green drinks. "I'm really big into the superfoods, green drinks, chai seeds, protein shakes, salmon from sushi and tapas," she told FitnessGurls. "But, to be honest, I don't really restrict my diet too much. If you know what I know you will understand how I can eat what I want. There is never a moment of the day when I am hungry – ever."


No Restrictive Diets


Palmer is mindful about her diet but not restrictive. "I used to stick to specific diets. Now, I just watch what I eat," she told RUNWAY. "I eat when I'm hungry and I don't eat until I'm full. When I eat something, I don't over indulge. I know what to eat, I don't eat carbs. If my fiancé and I go out to eat, we will just eat the crust of the bread in the breadbasket to save on carb intake. As far as a 'cheat meal', I kind of cheat every day, I'm not very strict. If I want ice cream, I'll eat ice cream."


She's an Artist

Palmer is a talented artist. "A typical day for me would be to get up, go to the gym, walk my dogs, and depending on if I have a meeting or not, I will plan all of my work related tasks after noon so I can get to the gym and have all of my morning chores done," she told RUNWAY. "I mean, I paint from home, and I live in the Hollywood Hills, so I just stay in and paint through the night. It's not hard to juggle everything because I love what I do, and I don't mind being busy."

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