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Octagon Girl Luciana Andrade In Workout Gear Shares Gym Selfie

She’s a weekend warrior.

UFC star Girl Luciana Andrade is enjoying her weekend by hitting the gym and working on her fitness. Andrade, 38, shared a video of herself wearing black shorts and a pink sports bra, posing in front of the mirror. She also shared what her dream gym setup looks like, with both indoor and outdoor machines set up for people to pick an inside workout vs a sun-drenched one. Andrade is one of the most well-known and successful Octagon Girls—here's how she stays fit, strong, and healthy.


She Does Yoga


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Andrade includes regular yoga sessions in her workout routine, which offers both mental and physical health benefits. Yoga is a perfect choice for those who want a more gentle yet challenging workout. "You can change the exercises to fit your needs," says URMC. "But yoga is also great if you're already fit and want a challenging workout. As you become more strong and flexible with yoga, it's easier to do other kinds of exercise like dancing, walking, or swimming."


She Loves To Swim

Andrade loves to swim, both at the pool and in the ocean. "Swimming can improve mood and people report enjoying water-based exercise more than exercising on land," says the CDC. "People are able to exercise longer in water without increased joint or muscle pain, which has been shown to be especially helpful for people with arthritis and osteoarthritis."


She Hikes

Andrade enjoys hiking in nature with friends and family. Hiking is low-impact, and depending on the incline, an excellent fat-burning activity. Hiking is also beneficial for mental health. "In addition to having mental health benefits, being outdoors opens up your senses to your surroundings and improves your sensory perception," says the National Park Service. "Taking in the sights, smells, and feelings of nature has so many health benefits it can even be prescribed by a doctor."


She Plays Golf

Luciana Andrade/Instagram

Andrade plays golf, which is a great way to get sunshine, fresh air, and socialize. Golf is also a good choice for people who want a more low-impact exercise, and burns a surprising amount of calories. Not all workouts have to be strenuous to be effective! "Insert unsolicited golfing advice👇🏻⛳️ #golf #firsttimer #happygilmore," she captioned an Instagram post. With all the walking back and forth in the game, golf is a great choice for anyone who wants a low-impact exercise with all the benefits of spending time outdoors.


She Does Planks

Luciana Andrade/Instagram

Andrade does core strength exercises such as planks, sometimes with a little Chihuahua helping, as in this Instagram post. "Exercise can have a positive effect on our mental health," exercise physiologist Katie Lawton, MEd, tells the Cleveland Clinic. "When you see yourself getting stronger, it can be encouraging. It's also important to breathe while you plank to further engage your core muscles. Some breathing techniques can help boost your mood."