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Octagon Girl Red Dela Cruz In Two-Piece Workout Gear Shares Kettlebell Workout

“Monday work.”

Octagon Girl Red Dela Cruz is showing fans what a typical workout looks like for the UFC star. Cruz, 31, shared a video of herself wearing black shorts and a sports bra, doing step ups while holding kettlebells in each hand. "Monday work," reads the text on her story. Cruz is fast becoming one of the most successful and popular UFC ring girls—here's how she stays fit, focused, and full of energy.


Ring Girl Perks

Cruz is inspired by energy from the crowds, and loves the perks of her job. "It is amazing when the crowd is cheering, the energy is unreal," she told Daily Mail Australia. "So far, the crowds have been great and positive! I get to meet a lot of big celebrities. I recently met Jason Statham and Tom Holland at UFC 286 in London. It was so cool and fun. Boss Dana [White] is super cool and a very nice person! I love him. I always get nervous whenever I see and talk to him because he is the big boss.


Fighting Favorites

Cruz has her favorites in the MMA and UFC world. "I am a very big fan of Arianny Celeste," she told MMA Uncaged. "She is a very nice person and very pretty too! As far as my favorite MMA celebrity fighter, I think it would be Stephen Thompson. He is a very gentle man, very religious and very kind person."


World Travel

Cruz loves exploring new cultures through her work. "The best thing about my job is that I get to travel around the world," she told Daily Mail Australia. "I get to meet new people and eat new food! Culture is an amazing thing to see and experience. Especially from where I come from in the Philippines, I am blessed to have these opportunities."


Health and Fitness

Cruz takes her job, and fitness, very seriously, saying her appearance is crucial to her career. "Health and fitness has always been part of my life since I was 17," she told Daily Mail Australia. "I wake up early to go to the gym to start my day. I cook my own meals, do long walks two to three times a week and make sure I maintain a balanced diet."


Strength Training

Red Dela Cruz/Instagram

Cruz does regular strength training sessions at the gym. "When fat loss is your goal, strength training should be your number-one focus," Mitch Raynsford, strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer at P3rform, tells The Telegraph. "If you can only do two workouts a week, make them both full-body strength sessions and then increase your daily steps. You should see weight loss after two to three weeks if your nutrition stays on track."

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