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Olympic Ice Skater Tessa Virtue Shares Swimsuit Photo That "Hits Different"

Here are her lifestyle tips.

Olympic ice skater Tessa Virtue is a dream in orange. Virtue, 34, shared a promotional video of herself looking absolutely stunning in a 1960s-s inspired two piece swimsuit, lounging next to the pool in the intense sunshine. "Florida Orange Juice…hits different. ☀️ My sunny way of finding my groove and my energy after work, a social day, or a workout. A 250 mL glass of Florida OJ provides nutrients like vitamin C, potassium, thiamin, and folate. Can you dig it?" she captioned the post. "Obsessed with this collaboration✨ 🍊," a fan commented. Virtue has been competing since she was a child—here's how she stays fit and happy.


Simple Routine

Virtue keeps her beauty and makeup routine simple and focuses on training. "The first thing I do every morning is have a glass of hot water with lemon for its alkalinity and detox effects," she says. "My skincare and beauty regime is quite minimal.  I drink a lot of water, sleep as much as I can, and moisturize… Leading into the Olympics, Scott [Moir] and I typically skated for four hours a day, and would then spend two hours in the gym doing various workouts including cycling, Pilates, strength circuits, and sometimes even ballroom dancing!"


Focus on Recovery

Virtue is serious about recovery to prevent injuries. "As an older athlete, the balance of work and recovery has become more important," she says. "Much of a training day is devoted to treatment – we work with a massage therapist, an osteopath, and a physiotherapist. There is a lot of mental prep work, as well, so Scott and I work with a sport psychologist. We have a bit of an entourage, but all of those facets of our preparation are so important and set us up for key moments on the ice when it all comes down to a three or four minute performance."


Learning To Cook

Virtue is learning to love cooking, but admits it's not her strong point. "My grandmother used to make the most incredible chicken divan, and my mom has carried out that tradition," she says. "It's my comfort food. It's amazing how you can almost taste the memories with a dish like that! And the more leftovers, the better. I leave the cooking to Scott. When I do make something, though, he has to hear all about it because I'm quite proud of myself."


Healthy Diet

Virtue enjoys a healthy balanced diet with lots of delicious high-protein foods. "My diet isn't too strict, instead I focus on eating healthfully," she says. "I have such a sweet tooth, and I've learned not to deprive myself, but rather practice moderation. I'm not a big cook, but I'll make poached eggs, smoothies and overnight oats."


Look Good, Feel Good

Virtue feels better when she knows she looks good. "I do feel different whether I'm in the gym or on the ice when I have a cute outfit on. I think most girls can relate—you carry yourself differently," she says, adding that her favorite outfit is the Believe This pair from Adidas. "I think the way you present yourself to the world, whatever kind of task you're tackling, is really important."

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