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Olympic Skier Jessie Diggins in Workout Gear Goes On Hiking Honeymoon In Chile

“Chilean Patagonia was truly unlike any other place on earth!"

Olympic cross-country skier Jessie Diggins is enjoying an absolutely magical honeymoon in Chile with husband Wade Poplawski. Diggins, 32, is sharing highlights of the trip on social media, including a video of herself hiking in black and pink workout gear. "Chilean Patagonia was truly unlike any other place on earth! Thank you @ecocamp for making our honeymoon so incredibly special. đŸ„° We loved staying in a place that truly put sustainability first, took us off the grid and let us play outside all day in one of the most raw and awe-inspiring places we've ever seen. Hiking the W, camping and seeing every side of Torres del Paine as well as getting up close and personal with Pumas (!!!) checked off a lifetime bucket list item. 💚," she captioned the post. Here's how Diggins stays fit, strong, and energized.


Daily Diet

Diggins enjoys a diet with plenty of carbs, protein and vegetables, with room for the occasional treat. "Everything, in moderation, fits into a healthy fueling plan. Do I eat only cookies for dinner? No, but it's fine if I have one (or two! Live a little!) after for dessert, she writes on her website. "At the 2018 Olympics I never had less than 4 Hershey's kisses in my coat pocket. I don't have any foods that I don't eat because I'm worried they're 'bad' foods. Do I eat them every day? Probably not, but I also don't eat carrots every day, either. I truly believe that if you can enjoy all types of foods in moderation, you never feel like you're withholding anything from yourself, and you're not tempted to go nuts on whatever food you've deemed 'off-limits'."


Three-Hour Morning Training Session

Diggins works out with her high school trainer Kris Hansen and her daughter Siri. "To build endurance when there's no snow outside, cross-country skiers train long hours with a mix of roller skiing (similar to roller blading but without breaks, and with poles), running, biking, and weight lifting," she told Cosmopolitan. "I meet Kris and Siri at the park, and we start with two hours of easy-paced roller skiing around my hometown. Company makes the long training hours fly by."


Post-Race Shake


Diggins always has a shake ready after a race, preferring it to a heavy meal. "While I'm changing into dry clothes, before I head through the media zone and out for my cool down, I make sure I finish a Nutrimeal shake," she writes on her website. "I like this mix because it sits easy on my stomach, it has a nice blend of carbs, protein and fats, and I can easily get at least 300 calories in right after a hard race effort so my body can start that rebuilding process right away."


Cardio and Core Workouts

Diggins' second training session of the day usually includes cardio and core workouts. "I run at an easy pace for 40 minutes, then spend 20 minutes doing a series of core exercises," she told Cosmopolitan. "When I finish, I'm sore and tired, so I stretch and foam roll." 


Rest With the Family

Diggins fully embraces her one day of rest a week. "During training seasons, I work out twice a day, six days a week, so I take off one day every week to recover," she told Cosmopolitan. "Today's the day, so I sleep in. As per my usual, I have a big mug of coffee and then a bowl of oatmeal, plain Greek yogurt, walnuts, berries, and mango." In the evening, Diggins enjoys family time, cooking, yoga, and dancing.

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